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Adventures, otherwise known as errantries (or expeditions), are a key component in the Monster Rancher video game series. It is usually the primary source of teaching the player's monster new techniques. They usually involve the player's monster(s) exploring an area to obtain items, fight wild monsters, or unlock previously locked monsters.

Adventures typically take one month, but they are handled differently depending on the game platform.

Monster RancherEdit

Monster Rancher 2Edit

In Monster Rancher 2, adventures (called errantries) are an alternative form of training. They cost 2,000g on a regular month and 1,000g on a month where they are discounted. Errantries are the only way to fight Enemy wild monsters.

Monster Rancher 3Edit

Monster Rancher 4Edit

Monster Rancher EVOEdit

Monster Rancher DSEdit

Errantries cost 1,000g, and 500 when discounted.

In an errantry, you "control" your monster by tapping on the map on the bottom screen. How well your monster listens to you depends on your monster's Discipline and, anecdotally, its Intelligence.

Your monster's LIF determines how long it can stay on errantry; your monster's current Life is displayed as a bar on the screen. Note that it will begin any battles during errantry, as usual, with full LIF, and a KO in battle does not wipe out the Life bar for exploration; the battle-LIF is independent from the Life bar. Various tasks, such as picking up items or performing tasks, will drain the Life bar, however, so be careful. If a monster runs out of Life on errantry, it is stranded, and will lose valuable weeks waiting to be rescued.

Each area has a monster type that can be unlocked through performing certain tasks marked by orange crystals. Some tasks may have to be retried multiple times if your monster's Power or Intelligence stat is low.

Blue crystals indicate an item to be picked up, while red crystals could either indicate an item to be picked up or a Wild Monster battle. If a white crystal appears, that is a glitch, and is to be avoided.

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