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Beaclon (Beaclon)
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First introduced in Monster Rancher 2, Beaclons (also spelled Beaklons) were obtainable by having a Worm cocoon itself and metamorphose into one. Beaclons are not known to be the smartest of monsters, but they do remain one of the strongest. Because of this, they rely heavily on physical attacks such as tackles and slams (though they do have some non-physical attacks, including a sucking vacuum attack). They have appeared in every Monster Rancher game since their creation with the exception of the Monster Rancher Advance/Advance 2 and Monster Farm Online/Lagoon installations. Depending on which part of the world they live in, Beaclons may have a single, spear-like horn or a pincer atop its head.

Beaclon Sub-Breeds Edit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Beaclon   Beaclon         X  X X X           X X           X
Sloth Beetle   Tiger        X                             
KautRoarKaut Bajarl X
Jaggernaut* Joker X
Bethelgeus Dragon X
Rocklon Golem X
Beerock Golem X X X X X
Ducklon Ducken      X    X X       X X         X
Melcarba Henger      X    X X       X X         X
Centurion Durahan      X    X X       X X         X
Scissors (Goat)         X                          
Mose   (Kalaragi)         X                          
Scorpi*   (Takrama)         X                            
Avalanche   (Brillia)         X                            


Mogi            X                         
Beegator   Zuum          X                         
Rollbeat   Ogyo          X          X X           X
Jelaydon   Zan          X X       X X           X
Kanabron   Maya             X                      
Orchestron   Gali             X       X X        X
Eggplantern ???      X X             X
Bealock ???             X             
Cantalos ???             X             
Bercouger ???             X             
Tanklon ???             X             
Tanklon II ???             X           X
Beaclon-ish ???             X X             
  • Other monsters have similar names

Etymology Edit


  • Drill Punch, Heavy Punch
  • Back Fist, Punch
  • BeaBang, BeaBan, Maximal Punch
  • Cyclo-BeaBang, Punch Combo
  • Spin Bang, Galulubang
  • BeaRocket, Horn Cannon
  • BeaSmash, Horn Smash
  • BeaLariat, Lariat, Frantic Horn
  • BeaPower- Increases power for the rest of the battle
  • BeaBrate, Vibrato- Confuse
  • Beetle Rush, Upper Charge, Super Charge, Horn Combo
  • Beetle Combo, BeaAttack, Beaclon Combo
  • Beetle Shield- Suicide/Block
  • Beetle Dash- Dodge
  • Horn Attack, Horn Sweep- Addled
  • Horn Drill, Horn Strike
  • Horn Finisher- Block
  • Charge, Top Assault
  • Rolling Bomb- Suicide
  • Dive Attack, Dive Assault
  • Flying Press- Suicide
  • Meteor Dive
  • Dive Drill, Spiral Dive
  • Spiral Drill, Spinning Horn- Stagger
  • Kachiage
  • Tremor

Gallery Edit

Beaclon 3
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Beaclon 2
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