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Big Blue
For the character, see Big Blue (anime).

Big Blue is a Golem breed with a Tiger sub-type, appearing in Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher Advance, Monster Rancher Battle Card and Monster Rancher Battle Card 2. It has been renamed and slightly redesigned from an earlier installation, now covered in less ice but still made of the blue ice rock.

Big Blue is a minor character in the anime series. He is Pixie's faithful companion and bodyguard while they serve Moo, but eventually they switch sides. Big Blue gives his life to merge with Pixie as Granity when Moo mortally wounds her. In the Filipino Dub, Big Blue is renamed as Blue Mountain.

Alternate NamesEdit

Ice Man (MR1)Edit


Monster Rancher 2: People cannot do bad things when they think of it watching them.


Named for its color. "Big Blue" is also a nickname for the ocean.

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