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Dra chaosdragon

ChaosDragon, one of the chaos monsters.

The Chaos Monsters are an archetype of monsters making their debut in Monster Rancher 4. Several other types of Chaos Monsters exist, but the three main ones were called the Chaos Kings.


The Chaos Monsters are black and gold palet-swaps of the monsters they represent. These monsters are ChaosRipper, ChaosDurahan and ChaosDragon.Dark Antlan could also be placed under this class too.


While the direct history of the Chaos Monsters isn't directly told, their history can be pieced together from their descriptions and the events prior to the main series.

The Chaos Monsters were implied to have juristiction over all monsters in the universe of the series. It is also implied that they were aware of their control over other monsters and took advantage of this, holding a level of arrogance twords other monsters not unlike how various religions view their respective deity. They were however, not stronger than the "God" seen in Monster Rancher 2's opening, being sealed away in Disk Stones with the other monsters of the world. With this in mind, it can be infered that they didn't have too big of a gap in power compared to other monsters.

While being sealed, an unknown species of Antlan somehow gained the power of all three monsters, Transforming him into the Dark Antlan.


Dispite being described as "Gods," Chaos Monsters are actually harder to raise than most monsters. Being of rare (Monster/???) sub-type, it can be difficult to gauge their statgains. In addition to this, they tend to have a harder time listening to their owner and have an even harder time befriending other monsters. One of the largest difficulties in raising Chaos Monsters is that all three monsters have short lifespans compared to purebreeds of their main-type.

List of the Chaos KingsEdit

That means that there have been at least 15 monster lords that have been mentioned throughout the series:

Zevion (mentioned in MR4)

Moo (mentioned in the anime series, EVO and MFL)

Suzaku the Phoenix (mentioned in the anime series and MR4)

Chaos Durahan (mentioned in

Chaos Dragon

Chaos Ripper

Ogyo (mentioned in MR3)

Centauros the Kenjirou (mentioned in DS2)

King Monolithe the Monol (mentioned in EVO and DS2)

King Cop the Naga (mentioned in DS2)

King Arjwan the Gali (mentioned in DS2)

King Ape (mentioned in MR2)

Zilla King (mentioned in MR2)

King Shiden (mentioned in MR4)

Mao Mao (mentioned in EVO)

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