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Combining is a recurring element in the Monster Rancher Series. It mainly features taking two monsters in storage and "fusing" them together, resulting in a new monster. The mechanics of combining monsters varies from game to game but, the core factors stay the same.

Monster Rancher Edit

Monster Rancher 2 Edit

Combination in Monster Rancher 2 is very similar to Monster Rancher. Items can be used to alter the result of the combination: altering the monsters stats, giving the monster a new ability, or making a new monster all together.

Monster Rancher 3 Edit

While Monster Rancher 3 does not have the feature of combining, a similar feature called evolution is used.

Monster Rancher 4 Edit

In Monster Rancher 4, combination has taken a few changes. Items used for combination are limited only to stat increasing and,one active monster may be used in the combination.

Monster Rancher EVO Edit

In Monster Rancher EVO, combination takes a large change. Monsters must first have aged as far as they can to get any significant gain in stats. Monsters that have been hurt, fallen ill, or run away will change how easily it will happen. A new stat called DNA is included to limit how often a monster may be "successfully" combined.

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