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MR1 Dino


Dinos are T-rex like monsters that are scaled down a bit. They appeared in the very first Monster Rancher game and were then replaced by similar monsters called Zuums. Many different types of Dinos were characters in the Monster Rancher anime series, mostly used for grunt work on the Baddie side. They were portrayed as overly-confident, but having great physical strength and energy projection.

Due to fan requests for a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the original Monster Rancher game, Dino was brought back in Monster Rancher 4 as a rare Zuum sub-breed that can be obtained by using a copy of the original Monster Rancher 1 game disk (or almost any other XBox game).

Later, Dinos are remade for the Online series and called Sauras instead.

Dino Sub-BreedsEdit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MFO MFL MMR MFT
Dino Dino X Sub
Lidee Tiger X
Spot Hare X
Aloha Plant X
Anki Golem X
Valentino Pixie X
Slash Jell X
Black Rex Monol X
Mustard* Suezo X
Grape Naga X
Shel Worm X
Goldy* Gali X
Saura Maya NP NP
Merasaura Shierure NP
Shenasaura Raiden NP
Repusaura Durubado NP
Erusaura Zuum NP
Gigisaura Shigue NP
Giant Merasaura Hoth NP
Geisha ??? X
Gallop ??? X
Smiley ??? X

NOTE: Technically, no sub-Breeds can be created through combining in Monster Farm Online or Monster Farm Lagoon, but based on colors and attributes, educated guesses were presented on some of the sub-species for clarity

  • Other monsters have similar names


The name Dino is short for dinosaur, because it looks like a Tyrannosaurus.


  • Punch
  • Bite
  • Throw, Throw Away
  • Bite Throw
  • Knee Kick
  • Tackle, Charge- Suicide
  • Scuff, Dust Kick-  Confuse-- Kicks sand at opponent
  • Whip, Tail Slap- Whips with tail
  • Steady Whip
  • Deep Scuff
  • Flame
  • Flame Tackle, Fire Dash- Suicide
  • Firebomb
  • Jump Aside- Dodge
  • Leap Kick, Leap
  • Endure- Suicide/Block


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