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A monster species resembling a two-dimensional cartoon sketch that has only appeared in Monster Rancher 1 and Monster Rancher Advance 2, and are presented as being born from living graffiti.They are extremely difficult to obtain and have powerful but weird attacks, which include a chicken motorcycle and a large boot. This monster is based on characters from the popular Tecmo arcade game Ganbare Ginkun.

Doodle Sub-BreedsEdit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MFO MFL MMR MFT
Doodle Doodle X X
Jacques ??? X
Disrupt ??? X
Sketch ??? X
Rainbow* ??? X
Stitch ??? X
Alhambra ??? X


A doodle is a drawing often done with no particular purpose.


  • Head-butt
  • Head Bomb- Suicide
  • Whip
  • Whip Combo
  • Stomp
  • Slam-Stomp
  • Stiletto
  • Big Stiletto, Heel Kick
  • Cannon, Toon Cannon
  • Big Cannon
  • Chicken- Dodge
  • Chicken Roll, Motorcock
  • Rattle, Rattle Blow
  • Large Rattle, Big Rattle- Addled

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