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Duckens are a plastic multi-colored duck dolls with a segmented section in their torso, first introduced in Monster Rancher 2, where they are obtainable by feeding cup jellies to your monster, winning a special doll in the mail and obtaining the glue to put it together. The doll can then be combined with two other monsters to create a Ducken. They have reappeared in all games since then, except Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon. They are known for eccentric attacks, using parts of their body as projectiles.

Ducken also appears in the anime series. He used to live up on a mountain with a community of other monsters, but Captain Ebony and his Mock troops took it over for Gali when Moo started his invasion. Ducken was the only one to stay behind and try to reclaim their homeland, and even though he's reluctant to help the Searchers when they arrive, Mocchi eventually convinces him to help through the power of friendship.

Ducken Sub-Breeds Edit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Ducken Ducken      X X X X X X X X X
Blocken Golem      X X X X X X X X
Ticken Suezo      X X
Wakken (Goat)      X
Karakaraken (Takrama) X
Tokenboken (Kalaragi) X
Dokken Momo X X
Machu Picchu Henger X X X X X
GrapaDuck Naga X X X X
Grapen Naga X
PumpkiDuck Pancho X X X X
King-Tut Duck Falco X X X
Shitankaken Falco X
MagaMocken Maya X
Paradocken Gitan X
Toxdux Gitan X
Pitan Ripper X
Chaken Mogi X
Gulken Tiger X
Yuzuken Zuum X X
Lekken Lesione X
Aroken Arrowhead X X
Kinkenk Mew X X
Kokken Durahan X
Mocchiken Mocchi X
Psiken Psiroller X X
Octon Octopee X
Cuekan Antlan X X
Piekan Pixie X X
Bouken Joker X X
Zanken Zan X X
Hicken Dragon X X
Othellot Hare X
Leoken Garu X
Quailken Gali X
Capsular Suzurin X
Rikuu Abyss X X
Duckis Abyss X
Cawken ??? X
Watermelony ??? X
Winducken ??? X
Cooken ??? X
Eggukken ??? X
Planeken ??? X
Duck Fever ??? X X X
Guan-Yu Duck ??? X
Miyabiyaken ??? X
Piyoken ??? X
Fanken ??? X
Torridon ??? X
Francois ??? X
Brinjalen ??? X
Bakuression ??? X
Ducken-ish ??? X X



  • Ducken Missile, Missile- Stagger
  • Two Missiles
  • Big Missile, Super Ducken Missile
  • Flutter Slap, Wing Slap
  • 100 Blows
  • Air Strike
  • Fat Belly
  • Bound
  • Bound Charge, Three Piece
  • Bound Stamp
  • Strange Radio Waves- Addled
  • Duck 'n Roll, Ducken Roll- Dodge
  • Falling Beak, Beak Fall, Bow
  • Beak Thrust, Head Swing
  • Head-Throw, Ultra Bomb-Head
  • Eye Beam
  • Beam Shower, Rapid Eye Beam
  • Frantic Beam, Random Hit
  • Maximal Beam, Super Eye Beam
  • Polar Eye Beam- Palsy
  • Ducken Dance, Hula-Hula, Ducken Step- Confuse
  • Surprise- Confuse
  • Explosion, Self-Bomb, Destruct- Suicide
  • Super-Ultimate Explosion
  • Bombing, Bomb- Palsy
  • Bad Feeling, Nasty- Addled
  • Boomerang, Ab Boomerang
  • Fan- Addled


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