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Known to be very odd monsters, Galis wear an Aztec sun-god mask and a high-collared cloak, but otherwise are invisible. Their appearance is vaguely similar to the Joker species, though the resemblance stops there—they are inclined towards virtue and good, while Jokers embody evil. Not all Galis are good, however, as seen in the Monster Rancher anime series, where Gali is one of Moo's top baddies (alongside Pixie, Naga, Greywolf, and Durahan). It is rumored that some Galis are actually Magic monsters hiding their true forms, but recent research would seem to indicate that Galis are actually colossal, dragon-like entities that are so large that the cape and mask are like a puppet to it. Galis appear in Monster Rancher, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher Battle Card Game, Monster Rancher Explorer (as a Monster Buddy), Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II, Monster Rancher Advance 2, and Monster Farm DS 2. Their attacks are mostly intelligence-based, and thus have many mind tricks that they can play. They also can project huge limbs made of solid light, and can use their mask as a boomerang.

Gali Sub-BreedsEdit

Gali Gali X X X X X X X
Galion Hare X
Furred Mask Hare X
Sapphire Tiger X
Fanged Mask Tiger X
Color Gali Plant X
Colorful Plant X
Warrior* Golem X
Stone Mask Golem X
Aqua* Jell X
Aqua Mask Jell X
Omen Suezo X
Suezo Mask Suezo X X
Gara Monol X
Galirous Monol X
Shon Mask Naga X
Purple Mask Naga X
Style Worm X
Brown Mask Worm X
Pixel Pixie X
Pink Mask Pixie X
Lexus Dino X
Scaled Mask Zuum X
Buerde Centaur X
Verde* Centaur X
Gamer ??? X
Milky Way* ??? X
Kuma ??? X
Happy Mask ??? X
Sunset Gali ??? X
Ombren ??? X
Ultimate ??? X X
Gali-ish ??? X

Alternate NamesEdit

Sanjuras (MR2 - IMa Grade B)


  • Gali Strike, Solar Strike, God Strike- Shoots a psychic dragon
  • Gali Finale, God Attack- Palsy--Drains energy from the victim
  • Gali Punch, Solar Knuckle, Spirit Punch, Evil Blow, Demon Punch- Punches enemy with a psychic fist
  • Great Smash, Demon Bash, Spirit Smash- Addled--Hits enemy with a psychic hammer
  • Gali Press, Heavy Blow, God Press- Creates a big hand which uses to press enemies against the ground
  • Thwack
  • Smash-Thwack
  • Scratch, Spirit Blow
  • Demon Knuckles, Giant Thwack
  • Back Blow
  • Kick, Giant Blow
  • Wall of Fire, Fire Wall- Block--Creates a wall of fire to protect himself from attacks
  • Blaze Wall
  • Flame, Demon's Breath
  • Flash Bomb, Napalm
  • Hashing Mask, Evil Tantrum, Demon Obliteration
  • God Anger, God Territory- Suicide
  • Reflect- Block
  • Spin Cutter, Spin Cut, Cutting Mask- Takes off his mask and throws it at the enemy like a Frisbee
  • Flying Mask
  • Red Wisp- Addled
  • Gold Wisp
  • Blue Wisp-
  • Lie Down- Dodge
  • Straight
  • God Gravity- Palsy
  • Evil Dance- Confuse
  • Tactics- Replenishes Guts
  • Healing- Heal
  • Holy Ray, Holy Flash, Call God- Cannot be dodged
  • Hurricane- Turns into a tornado with eyes and a mouth
  • Blizzard
  • Whirlwind
  • Typhoon
  • 'Lightning, 'Thunder, Thunderbolt- Volt Shock

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