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Genki sakura

Genki Sakura as he appear in the anime.

Genki Sakura is the main character from the Monster Rancher anime. He is an average 9-year old gamer with little interest in school.


Holly: Many of the fans interperate Genki and Holly's relatiohship as a romantic one. There is little in the show to support this theory and they largely appear as close friends through-out the show. The only clue to romance is when he was willing to go through so much to rescue her when she was captured by Moo but her other friends were also willing to go to extremes to rescue her.

Mochi: During his debut episode Mochi was described as HIS monster! If Genki is the leader of the team then Mochi would probably be his right-hand monster. Mochi seems to treat Genki more as an older sibling then a master, he is usually the first to support Genki in whataver he does, leading the iconic scene of Genki shouting for joy followed be Mochi saying "CHI!".

Tiger: Tiger has on occasion acted as a sort of mentor to Genki, trying to curve his reckless behaviour.

Suazo: Much like the rest of the gang Genki has little respect for Suazo and is just as likely to chide or ridicual his behaviour. He has also on occasion mocked Suazo such as the time he sang "Its Raining song" and used Suazo in a deragtory fashion.

Personality Edit

Genki is an excitable kid who rarely feels down, and is always full of energy. He has hand-to-hand combat skills, and he can hold his own against the enemy monsters.

Appearance Edit

Genki has short brown hair and his eyes are the same color. He wears a white shirt tucked into brown shorts, along with an orange cap flipped backwards. In the real world, he used to wear a pair of blue sneakers, but then he appears barefoot at his house when he turned on the Monster 200X and then was transferred to Monster Rancher World, he keeps like that during his first days at the Monster World until is later given some boots by an old man and his wife. He also has a pair of yellow roller-skates on the back of his green backpack, which he uses to perform attacks.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite his age, Genki shows an unnatural strength and possibility durability.It is shown that he has been be able to lift objects several times his own weight from time to time in the series.It's unclear whether it is his innate power or due to the fact that he was in the game world.



Trivia Edit

  • Genki (元気 Genki) means enthusiastic, energetic, and lively in Japanese. Sakura come from Sakura flower which is a connection to Mocchi's Cherry Blossom Blizzard attack.
  • He is voiced by Andrew Francis in English, and Chisa Yokoyama in Japanese. Interestingly enough, both have voiced a character in a Gundam and a Mega Man show, each in their respective language.
  • He's the only character in the anime who doesn't appear in the games along with Holly's father.
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