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Gitan 2
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Gitan first appeared in Monster Rancher 3. and they resemble small floating purple demons, with long ears and tails that end in spines. They usually sport a pitchfork or spear when fighting, as well as their fangs. Some of their attacks are based on magic and some on fire. They are known for purposely getting themselves into trouble but it never works they way they intend it to. They are available at the start in Monster Rancher Advance 2, Monster Rancher 4, and Monster Rancher EVO.

Gitan Sub-Breeds Edit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Gitan Gitan X X X X
Ootan (Morx) X
Coltan (Kalaragi) X
Cactan (Takrama) X
Oltan (Goat) X
Tanmarin Lesione X X
Funbaba Baku X
Moztan Raiden X X
Lafreshitan Plant X X
Jet Zan X X X
Grindink Color Pandora X
Giliant* Antlan X
Halloween Pancho X X
Munitan Mocchi X X
Wildfire Mocchi X
Gilolitan Suezo X X
Sandman Suezo X
Matalyn Maya X
Shishitan Garu X
Merry-Merry Garu X
Smartie Momo X
Wabbit Hare X
Nis Tiger X
RedCap Arrowhead X
Brownie* Mew X
Mech Gitan Henger X
Gremlin Naga X
Rhigitan Psiroller X
Benemale Suzurin X
Pooka Gali X
Venomous Joker X
Maestan ??? X
Galloptan ??? X
Boo ??? X
Dickens ??? X
Pickle ??? X
Burrole ??? X
Campanella ??? X
Glenn Tan ??? X
Gitanmurin ??? X

NOTE: Technically, no sub-Breeds can be created through combining in Monster Farm Online or Monster Farm Lagoon, but based on colors and attributes, educated guesses were presented on some of the sub-species for clarity

  • Other monsters have similar names


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