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MR1 Golem
Golems are large giant-like monsters made of stone that were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 and were obtainable at the beginning of the game. In Monster Rancher 2, golems can only be obtained after expanding the size of your barn. They have appeared in every Monster Rancher video game to date except Monster Rancher Online. Golems are based on the legendary Jewish and Egyptian golem. Their original designs reflected this with an Egyptian-style face, including a goatee. Soon, they lost the beard and their face became more European-looking, but the major change came in Monster Rancher 3 and the Monster Rancher Advance games, when their faces became simplistic boulders with holes for a mouth and eyes. They return to earlier, detailed designs in Monster Rancher 4 and Monster Rancher EVO. They are known for their great physical strength and defensive capabilities. In combining, they usually add these qualities to the new monster, but seriously reduce its speed. They are excellent at basic physical attacks such as karate chops and punches. They can also shatter and reconstruct themselves, allowing them to launch rocks and boulders as projectiles or rapidly spin around to become a massive tornado.

Golem Sub-Breeds Edit

Golem Golem X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Verde Dino X
Shadow Monol X
Black Golem Monol X
Echo Plant X
Ecologuardia Plant X
Ice Man Tiger X
Big Blue Tiger X X X X
Marble* Naga X
Marble Guy Naga X X X
Dean Pixie X
Pink Golem Pixie X X X X X X X
Moaigon Hare X X
Magna Worm X X X
Poseidon Jell X X X X
Titan Suezo X X X X X X X X NP X
Amenhotep Gali X X X
Sleepyhead Baku X NP
Wood Golem Mock X NP
Pressure Zilla X
Astro Metalner X
Stronghorn Beaclon X
Dao Bajarl X
Mariomax Wracky X
Scaled Golem Zuum X
Scalie Zuum X X X
Tyrant Dragon X X
Angolmor Joker X X X
Dagon Arrowhead X X X
Gobi Henger X X X X X X X
BattleRocks Durahan X X X X X X
WarRocks Durahan X
Lemlaria Mew X X
Elebus (Brillia) X
Lapislatel (Takrama) X
Kaio (Goat) X
Big Korobocci Color Pandora X X X X
Gigabio Gitan X X
Eagle King Raiden X X X
Jail-Keeper Zan X X X X X X X
MocchiMonk Mocchi X X X X X
Peachie Mocchi X
Typhon Momo X
Tidalle Lesione X
Wickerman Ducken X
Brix Octopee X
Geo Mogi X X
Rhinogigas Psiroller X X
Ogre Antlan X X
ThorHummer Garu X
LaRock Lamour X
Bikini ??? X
Forward Golem ??? X
Sand Golem ??? NP
Ormeka ??? X
Baum ??? X
Nedel ??? X
Oh ??? X
Gadgeter-G ??? X X X X
Dodongo* ??? NP
Butcher King ??? X
Big-Tokobot ??? X
Crystallia ??? X
Naskar ??? X
Volcano ??? X
Priest ??? X
Thrump ??? X
Gogmagogg ??? X
Gobi Marine ??? X
Talos ??? X NP
Kampfer ??? NP
Bain ??? NP
KutenBain ??? NP
SatanBain ??? NP
Drilleron V ??? X
Kokugikan ??? X
Golem-ish ??? X X
  • Other monsters have similar names


  • Punch- Addled
  • Big Bang Punch, Heavy Punch, Atomic Punch
  • Thwack
  • Giant Clap, Clap Attack
  • Finger Punch, Brow Hit, Finger Flick, Flick
  • Palm Strike, Claw Punch
  • Belly Claw
  • Twin Palm Strikes, Double Palms
  • Finger Chop, Chop, Brow Smash
  • Beetle Chop, W-Chop, Double Chop, Giant Chop
  • Slap- Addled
  • Heavy Slap
  • Infernal Uppercut, Uppercut
  • Throw-Away, Pitch- Addled
  • Kick
  • Heavy Kick, Mega Kick, Megaton Kick- Stagger
  • Rock Guard, Protect- Heal
  • Diamond Guard- Block
  • Stone Guard- Dodge
  • Recharge- Increases power for the rest of the fight
  • Tackle, Charge
  • Spin Assault, Tornado Punch, Spin Punch, Cyclone Punch
  • Roller, Boulder, Roll Assault
  • Flying Press, Dive Press, 1000 Tons, Golem Drop- Suicide
  • Big Bang Press, Clutch
  • Tornado Attack, Cyclone, Rock Attack
  • Rockslide
  • Earthquake, Quake
  • Head Throw
  • Fist Shot, Long Punch, Rocket Punch
  • MagniFist, Large Quake- Stagger
  • Burning Rock Bullet, Fist Missile
  • Olega Meteor, Meteor- Palsy
  • Iron Maiden, Defense- Suicide/Block

 Alternate Names Edit

Rockgeiger (MR2 - IMa Grade C) Edit

Guran (MR2 - FIMBA Grade D) Edit


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