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For the character, see Granity (anime).

Granity (named Venus in the Japanese version) is a Pixie breed that has a Golem sub-type, which gives it its mossy green hair and stone ornaments. Its horns seem to be part of its stone headress, instead of growing from its body like most Pixies. It is exclusive to Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher Advance and Monster Rancher Advance 2, though it was renamed and redesigned from an earlier installation.

Granity plays a major role in helping defeat Moo in the anime series. She comes to be when Pixie and Big Blue merge together, giving her the stone armor and benevolence that Pixie lacks originally. She also takes on a more angelic appearance.

Alternate Name(s)Edit

Vixen (MR1)Edit

Description(s) Edit

Monster Rancher 2: It has a cold atmosphere, maybe because of its strong will.


Named for granite, a common type of igneous rock.

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