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MR1 GrayWolf
For the character, see Gray Wolf (Anime).

Gray Wolf is an icy breed of Tiger with a ??? sub-type, but its gray color leads one to believe it may have a Zain connection. It is exclusive to Monster Rancher 1 and Monster Rancher Battle Card 2, and as a non-playable monster in Monster Farm Online.

In the anime series, Gray Wolf is Tiger's brother, who was kidnapped by Moo at a young age and turned into one of his top lieutenants. Gray Wolf eventually has to face Tiger in a battle and come to terms with all of the damage he has caused.


Monster Rancher 1: He has a beautiful coat of silver fur and howls at the night.


The grey wolf is an actual animal. They mostly live in North America and hunt in packs.


Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf in the anime

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