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Jagd Hound
For the character, see Jagd Hound (anime).

Jagd Hound is a tough breed of Tiger with a Worm sub-type, renamed from a previous installation. It is exclusive to Monster Rancher 2, and has a thick brown shell covering all but its legs and underbelly. It has four green eyes and tusks like a Worm.

Jagd Hound appears as an old acquaintance of Tiger's in Episode 41 of the anime series. Lilim blackmails him into attacking the Searchers by stealing a baby he has sworn to protect.

Alternate NamesEdit

Yakuto (MR1)Edit


Monster Rancher 2: Its four eyes will not function at the same time.


Its name is short for "jagged," because of all of its sharp edges and shell joints. It could also come from "jagd," the German word for "hunting".

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