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is a Grim Reaper-like monster that wears a cloak and an evil clown mask, and carries an oversized scythe as a weapon. It appears to have no body. Described in Monster Rancher EVO as "the embodiment of death," Jokers are usually one of the hardest monsters to acquire in any of the games because of their power and unpredictablilty.

Jokers were introduced in Monster Rancher 2 and have appeared in every game since (with the exception of the Online and Lagoon games). To get one in Monster Rancher 2, you must go on the Kawrea Volcano expedition a second time, and you will find a "Mask" item. Combine it with any two monsters to get a Joker. From Monster Rancher 3 onward it has been drastically redesigned. It's arms have disappeared and its scythe has become much smaller. It also now has hair, and an expressionless mask that looks more like Jason X than a clown.

Joker Sub-BreedsEdit

xxName Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Joker Joker X X X X X X X X X
Odium Bajarl X hello
Blue Terror Tiger X X
Tombstone Golem X X
Hell Heart Pixie X X
Flare Death Dragon X X
Ghars Durahan X X X X
Sehga Durahan X
Astraal Mogi X
Eligoly Momo X
Grasster Zuum X
Sea Bishop Lesione X
Shearsman Arrowhead X
Clocker Ducken X
Lunasos Mew X
Juggler Mocchi X
Massacrer Suezo X
Glitter Naga X
Pale-Walker Psiroller X
Depstalker Octopee X
Undertaker Antlan X
Soul-Reaper Zan X
Watcher Phoenix X
Fire Joker Phoenix X
Plague Joker Chuparo X
Bloodshed ??? X
Magi ??? X
Shoja ??? NP
Daja ??? NP
Toryo ??? X
Grim Reaper ??? X
Gespenst ??? X
Skull Gold ??? X
ArchReaper ??? X
Pitbocor ??? X
Requiem ??? X
Anathema ??? X
Enma ??? X
Hell Lord ??? X
Beretta ??? X X
Joker-ish ??? X X


The name Joker comes from the joker cards in a deck of playing cards. It looks like a clown, and the joker in the card deck looks like a knave or jester. Jokers are based on a Grim Reaper design, and so most of its sub-types are based on English legends as well.


  • Scythe, Death Cutter, Death Scythe Cross
  • Dark Flame
  • Berserk, Chaos Slash- Slashes furiously and repeatedly with scythe
  • Air Shot, Air Slash
  • Death Claw- Ghostly hand drains life from enemy
  • Phantom Cross, Cross Over the Shadow
  • Death Gate- Also causes damage to Joker
  • Death Energy, Death Finisher
  • Death Slash, Slash
  • Death Punch, Death Knuckle
  • Death Smash- Ghostly hand pounds with fist
  • Upper Attack, Uppercut- Swings upward with scythe
  • Evil Spirit, Phantoms- Confuse--Releases dead spirits
  • Hell Taunt- Confuse--Utters a curse
  • Ghost Walk
  • Eternal Dark
  • Death Scream, Death Size
  • Sentence of Death
  • Deathly Gallows
  • Underworld Invitation
  • Curse- Block
  • Bind
  • Death Combo


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