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Kasumi (MR2)
is a Pixie monster breed with a ??? sub-type, based on Kasumi from Tecmo's Dead or Alive series. She is the most common type of special breed Pixie, but this monster is a very interesting case because, while it stays the same monster, its clothing changes in each game. Sometimes she is dressed in pink, and sometimes in blue. Originally, she has short hair and horns like other Pixies, but later she wears her hair up.

Kasumi must be unlocked by going to the Shrine and inserting the Dead or Alive CD in the Disc Tray in Monster Rancher 2, and the Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore disc in Monster Rancher 4.

Description(s) Edit

Monster Rancher 2: Its breasts tend to get more attention than its battles.

Monster Rancher 4: The Kasumi, initiated into forgotten secrets. But it's been so busy with fashion and pastries that it forgot everything. Now they really are "forgotten secrets"!

Monster Rancher DS 2:

My Monster Rancher: This Pixie species looks very similar to a certain female ninja. People can't help looking at its chest in that outfit.


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