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Lesione 3
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First appearing in Monster Rancher 3, Lesiones are very popular monsters resembling a blue plesiosaurs or the Loch Ness monsters. It uses many voice and sonar-based attacks as well as a few moves using head-butts or body slams. These monsters are known for being large and strong but at the same time remaining kind and gentle.

In some games, Lesiones can be ridden across water on explorations. They range from horse-sized to much larger.

Lesione Sub-BreedsEdit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Lesione Lesione X X X X X X X X X
Grilief (Morx) X X
Hibis Zuum X X X X
Sand Lessie Mew X X X
Biansnow Durahan X X
Metal-Head Zan X X X
Diamante Momo X X X
Coral Octopee X X
Scarapio Beaclon X X X X X
Yuma Henger X X X X X
Grapie Naga X X X X X
Sharly Psiroller X X
Mocchisaurus Mocchi X X X X
Plassie Mocchi X
Lava Lessie Dragon X X X X X X X
Jellysaurus Jell X
Uminaibi Maya X
Merlion Garu X
Raindie Mogi X
Plesio Tiger X X
Lebian Arrowhead X
Silkies Ducken X X
Brakios Golem X X
Olivia Suezo X
Paleo Antlan X X
Rubia Pixie X X
Shadie Joker X X
Legias* Raiden X
Legaia* Gali X
Tox Lessie Gitan X
Melesine Suzurin X
Mimizuki Abyss X X
Ablessie Abyss X
Seapea ??? X
SeaLord ??? NP
Clown Lessie ??? X
LessieOrca ??? X X X X
Irassie ??? X
Fair Lessie ??? X
Bloomer ??? X
Lesione-ish ??? X X
  • Other monsters have similar names


  • Slap
  • Submerge- Dives underwater and attacks from below
  • Showtime- Like Spike, but fires multiple balls at the enemy
Name Type Range Guts Cost Damage Guts Damage Hit Rate Critical Rate
Fin Slap POW Close 20 -- --
Lesihorn INT Mid 60 --
Head Slap POW Close 20 --
Spike POW Long 45 --


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