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It can be best described as a little witch


Monster Rancher Advance 2Edit

To unlock Lilim you must first unlock Joker by doing Mardoc quest in January. After you get Joker, combine it with Pixie and you will get Lilim.


  • Lightning : Lilim conjures powerful tunder elemental attack and fire them at the opponent
  • Claw Slash : Lilim slices her opponent with sharp nails.


Lilim is the name of demonic legendary creature in Akkadian mythology and Shedim in Jewish folklore . They are the children of Lilith and Samuel.


  • Lilim is one of the only Pixie-subtype to lack horn and the only Pixie-subtype to have large ears.
  • In the anime Lilim doesn't has third eye under her chest like in the game.
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