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For the character, see Lilim (anime).

Lilim is a Pixie breed that has a Joker sub-type, giving it luminescent blueberry-colored skin and jet black fur and hair. It first appears in Monster Rancher 2, and goes through several design changes, losing the large eyeball-like gem in her chest and later gaining skeletal wings and grey hair. There is a generic non-playable Pixie enemy in Monster Farm Lagoon that is designed to look like a new version of Lilim.

Lilim is one of Moo's most trusted assassins in the anime series. She works as General Durahan's assistant, all the time knowing that he plans to betray Moo. When he finally sets his plan into motion, it is Lilim who ultimately stops him and causes both of their destructions.

Description(s) Edit

Monster Rancher 2: It can be best described as a little witch.

Monster Rancher 4: The bones on Lilim's back comes from the very first prey it ever caught. Ever since that day, it hasn't stopped hunting.

My Monster Rancher: Its outward appearance doesn't indicate how much it loves carnage and cruelty. Once it gets angry it rages out of control.


Lilim are said to be night spirits, children of Lilith according to Jewish folklore.


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