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This is a list of all of the monsters available in Monster Rancher DS.

List of MonstersEdit

# Name Main Sub
001 Abyss Abyss Abyss
002 Mewbyss Abyss Mew
003 Karma Abyss Piroro
004 Shadow Mage Abyss Falco
005 Ent Abyss Plant
006 Cosmic Abyss Abyss Gali
007 Roberta Abyss ???
008 Abyss-ish Abyss ???
009 Ogyo Ogyo Ogyo
010 Plauna Ogyo Plant
011 Husky Gill Ogyo Tiger
012 Evil Fish Ogyo Zan
013 Osaka Knight Ogyo Durahan
014 Gyoruna Ogyo Dragon
015 Surfana Ogyo ???
016 Ogyo-ish Ogyo ???
017 Golem Golem Golem
018 Big Korobocci Golem Color Pandora
019 Titan Golem Suezo
020 Pink Golem Golem Pixie
021 Mochi Monk Golem Mocchi
022 Jailkeeper Golem Zan
023 Battle Rocks Golem Durahan
024 Gobi Golem Hengar
025 Gadgeter-G Golem ???
026 Golem-ish Golem ???
027 Color Pandora Color Pandora Color Pandora
028 Princess Colo Color Pandora Ogyo
029 Puppy Colo Color Pandora Baku
030 Peach Tree Bug Color Pandora Pixie
031 Coloball Color Pandora Lesione
032 Gunbits Color Pandora Durahan
033 Tetra Color Pandora Hengar
034 Pirahnicolo Color Pandora Naga
035 Mahjongcolo Color Pandora ???
036 Color Pandora-ish Color Pandora ???
037 Suezo Suezo Suezo
038 Gamba Suezo Hare
039 Pink Eye Suezo Pixie
040 Green Suezo Suezo Plant
041 Hornie Suezo Tiger
042 Fukazo Suezo Lesione
043 Zanzo Suezo Zan
044 Eyebee Suezo Beaclon
045 Baseball Boy Suezo ???
046 Suezo-ish Suezo ???
047 Ducken Ducken Ducken
048 Duckis Ducken Abyss
049 Blocken Ducken Golem
050 Pumpkiduck Ducken Pancho
051 King-Tut Duck Ducken Falco
052 MacchuPicchu Ducken Hengar
053 GrapaDuck Ducken Naga
054 Duck Fever Ducken ???
055 Ducken-ish Ducken ???
056 Mew Mew Mew
057 Mewbat Mew Abyss
058 Duckmew Mew Ducken
059 Bowbow Mew Baku
060 Eared Mew Mew Hare
061 Mewnda Mew Pancho
062 Mum Mew Mew Pixie
063 Mocchi Mew Mew Mocchi
064 BowMew Mew Tiger
065 SkullMew Mew Joker
066 Mewbear Mew ???
067 Mew-ish Mew ???
068 Baku Baku Baku
069 Higante Baku Golem
070 Gontar Baku Hare
071 Icebergy Baku Tiger
072 Electrieel Baku Lesione
073 Magmax Baku Dragon
074 PandiBaku Baku ???
075 Geemo Baku ???
076 Baku-ish Baku ???
077 Hare Hare Hare
078 Rocky Fur Hare Golem
079 Rubberabby Hare Color Pandora
080 Jackoranta Hare Pancho
081 Fairy Hare Hare Pixie
082 Pulscorn Hare Tiger
083 Gunbitt Hare Durahan
084 Drabitt Hare Dragon
085 Roborabi X Hare ???
086 Hare-ish Hare ???
087 Pancho Pancho Pancho
088 Shellincho Pancho Ogyo
089 Stoneface Pancho Golem
090 Koroncho Pancho Color Pandora
091 Blixy Klingy Pancho Ducken
092 Mewcho Pancho Mew
093 Pulcinella Pancho Piroro
094 Marincho Pancho Lesione
095 Jack-in-the-Cho Pancho Joker
096 Melloncho Pancho Beaclon
097 Nutcho Pancho ???
098 Pancho-ish Pancho ???
099 Pixie Pixie Pixie
100 Pink Princess Pixie Ogyo
101 Sueko Pixie Suezo
102 Mischief Pixie Ducken
103 Columbina Pixie Piroro
104 Aero Pixie Tiger
105 Undine Pixie Lesione
106 Lilim Pixie Joker
107 Janne Pixie Durahan
108 Daina Pixie Dragon
109 Allure Pixie Naga
110 Kasumi Pixie ???
111 Pixie-ish Pixie ???
112 Piroro Piroro Piroro
113 Bree Piroro Falco
114 Flower Piroro Plant
115 Pururu Piroro Mocchi
116 Urara Piroro Tiger
117 Salome Piroro Zan
118 Death Clown Piroro Joker
119 Dorara Piroro Dragon
120 Kablo Piroro Beaclon
121 Gold Piroro Piroro Gali
122 Shyanne Piroro ???
123 Piroro-ish Piroro ???
124 Falco Falco Falco
125 Naguaco Falco Abyss
126 Luvco Falco Ogyo
127 Mewco Falco Mew
128 Piroco Falco Piroro
129 Jock Falco ???
130 Falco-ish Falco ???
131 Plant Plant Plant
132 BugBugFlower Plant Color Pandora
133 Dack Plant Plant Ducken
134 PumpkiPlant Plant Pancho
135 Queen Plant Plant Pixie
136 Mochi Plant Plant Mocchi
137 Skeleplant Plant Joker
138 Mandrake Plant Dragon
139 Coconutty Plant Hengar
140 Sampler Plant Gali
141 Mushtan Plant ???
142 Plant-ish Plant ???
143 Mocchi Mocchi Mocchi
144 Tropical Mocchi Mocchi Ogyo
145 Beakie Mocchi Ducken
146 Mucchi Mocchi Hare
147 PumpkiMocchi Mocchi Pancho
148 Manna Mocchi Pixie
149 PengiMocchi Mocchi Tiger
150 White Mocchi Mocchi Xenon
151 Armocchi Mocchi Durahan
152 DracoMocchi Mocchi Dragon
153 Beetle Mocchi Mocchi Beaclon
154 Black Mocchi Mocchi Monol
155 Devi Mocchi ???
156 Mocchi-ish Mocchi ???
157 Tiger Tiger Tiger
158 Flazer Tiger Abyss
159 Garum Tiger Lesione
160 Nightfang Tiger Zan
161 Bargest Tiger Joker
162 Snowball Tiger Xenon
163 Jaguarbeat Tiger Beaclon
164 Pod Dog Tiger Hengar
165 Dandelion Tiger Gali
166 Licorice Tiger Monol
167 Poochie Tiger ???
168 Tiger-ish Tiger ???
169 Lesione Lesione Lesione
170 Ablessie Lesione Abyss
171 Mocchisaurus Lesione Mocchi
172 Lava Lessie Lesione Dragon
173 Scarabio Lesione Beaclon
174 Yuma Lesione Hengar
175 Grapie Lesione Naga
176 Lessie Orca Lesione ???
177 Lesione-ish Lesione ???
178 Zan Zan Zan
179 Abata Zan Color Pandora
180 Kagura Zan Ducken
181 Agi Zan Pancho
182 Aya Zan Pixie
183 Winglord Zan Falco
184 Ryoku Zan Mocchi
185 Ray Zan Lesione
186 Homura Zan Dragon
187 Saga Zan Naga
188 Fake Grafitti Zan ???
189 General Death Zan ???
190 Zan-ish Zan ???
191 Joker Joker Joker
192 Ghars Joker Durahan
193 Fire Joker Joker Phoenix
194 Beretta Joker ???
195 Joker-ish Joker ???
196 Xenon Xenon Xenon
197 Chaos Xenon Xenon Abyss
198 Gaia Xenon Centaur
199 Caesar Xenon ???
200 Xenon-ish Xenon ???
201 Durahan Durahan Durahan
202 Chaos Durahan Durahan Abyss
203 Goldie Durahan Suezo
204 Omoro Knight Durahan Ducken
205 Curevis Durahan Pancho
206 Glacier Durahan Tiger
207 Aqua Knight Durahan Lesione
208 Kagemusha Durahan Zan
209 Genocider Durahan Joker
210 Vesuvius Durahan Dragon
211 Berserker Durahan Naga
212 Warrior Z Durahan ???
213 Durahan-ish Durahan ???
214 Dragon Dragon Dragon
215 Chaos Dragon Dragon Abyss
216 Rock Dragon Dragon Golem
217 Crevasse Dragon Tiger
218 Diabolos Dragon Joker
219 Corkasus Dragon Beaclon
220 Techno Dragon Dragon Hengar
221 Niezheg Dragon Naga
222 Vega Dragon ???
223 Woodie Dragon ???
224 Dragon-ish Dragon ???
225 Beaclon Beaclon Beaclon
226 Rollbeat Beaclon Ogyo
227 Beerock Beaclon Golem
228 Ducklon Beaclon Ducken
229 Jelaydon Beaclon Zan
230 Centurion Beaclon Durahan
231 Melcarba Beaclon Hengar
232 Orchestron Beaclon Gali
233 Eggplantern Beaclon ???
234 Beaclon-ish Beaclon ???
235 Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix
236 Death Wing Phoenix Joker
237 Bluzzard Phoenix ???
238 Phoenix-ish Phoenix ???
239 Hengar Hengar Hengar
240 Ambush Hengar Plant
241 Sky Hengar Hengar Tiger
242 Proto Zero Hengar ???
243 Hengar-ish Hengar ???
244 Gali Gali Gali
245 Verde Gali Centaur
246 Ultimate Gali ???
247 Gali-ish Gali ???
248 Centaur Centaur Centaur
249 Bastet Centaur Abyss
250 Pillard Centaur Baku
251 Blue Gale Centaur Tiger
252 Dark Piercer Centaur Zan
253 Chariot Centaur Durahan
254 Junior Centaur ???
255 Centaur-ish Centaur ???
256 Naga Naga Naga
257 Cyclops Naga Suezo
258 Jungler Naga Plant
259 Roseo Cobra Naga Mocchi
260 Blobster Naga Dragon
261 Ceto Naga Hengar
262 Magic Banana Naga ???
263 Naga-ish Naga ???
264 Monol Monol Monol
265 Obelisk Monol Golem
266 Sandy Monol Suezo
267 Furred Wall Monol Hare
268 Asphaltum Monol Naga
269 Akashic Monol ???
270 Monol-ish Monol ???

How to obtain "?"-sub monsters in Monster Rancher DS Edit

- Monsters that have -ish in their name can be obtained by combining main & sub that aren't in the list.

Example : Abyss (main) + Pixie (sub)

- Monster with "?" sub that listed first can be obtained by giving them the "?" sub from anoher monster.

Example : Abyss (main) + Abyss-ish (sub) <Abyss-ish's sub looks like normal Abyss, yet it really is a ?>

- Monster with "?" sub that listed second (only Dragon, Baku, and Zan have this)

Unlocking 12 Locked MonstersEdit

1) Zan

Do an Errantry at Kalaragi Jungle, then go to your right until you find a yellow crystal (1st crystal) near a tree. Break it to find another crystal (2nd crystal). Cleo will ask if you see something; say Yes, then keep going to break another tree (3rd Crystal). From this, go to your left then north until you find another crystal (4th crystal). This time say No to Cleo's question, then head to the middle north where you can find a tree again (5th crystal), break it then find another crystal (6th) then take care of the next tree (7th Crystal).

Now go to the top of the lake to find another one (8th crystal) then say No. Next, go to the south of the 2nd waterfall (9th crystal) you will rest here to reveal Zan himself, now go to the upper west of the hill near the entrance (10th crystal). You find Zan is running again, now lastly go to the middle of the waterfalls (11th crystal) to find Zan exhausted, giving you the "Ninja Sword", his combining item.

2) Joker

During Spring do an errantry at Angsworth Way then keep going until you reach the end (after the second bridge) then reach a yellow crystal to find Joker. Win the battle then you receive his combining item, the "Cursed Mask".

3) Xenon

Do the Errantry at the Promais Ruins, find the two tablets in the ruins (one in the northwest room and one above the middle room), then find Xenon in the southeast room and battle it. Win, and you'll receive the "King's Proof", his combining item.

4) Durahan

Do the Errantry at the Erips Ice Ridge, go west to find a yellow crystal, which will trigger a cutscene of a transparent figure drifting along. Next go at the middle north of the map to find a sword, then to the northeast of the middle hill of the map to find a sheath. Then go back to the first crystal in the west to find Durahan's ghost; he will combine both your items to make a "Twin Edge", his combining item.

5) Dragon

Win the "Raising Dragon" tournament (your breeder rank must be B or above for this tournament to be unlocked) to receive the "Dragon Fang" combining item.

6) Beaclon

Do an errantry during Summer on Murmouge Coast. Start by going to your left side where you can reach the beach. Find a yellow crystal near the water, then start an arm wrestling match with a Beaclon. Do it right to earn his combining item.

WARNING: Due to a glitch in the game, if you lose the arm-wrestling match, he will be gone forever! Save before attempting this!

7) Phoenix

Give a Gold Peach to the injured Phoenix at Volk Magma in order to receive the "Fire Feather" combination item.

Improved instructions taken from Zetta_Chaos's Walkthrough/FAQ [1]: "The first crystal is straight ahead of you, shows the Phoenix flying overhead. Continue to the right, until you reach the right corner. Say yes, as your Monster will make a path to the tree.

Go forward and check another crystal here to receive an item that comes out of the geyser. Another crystal is closeby- inspect the burnt tree. This is where you get the famous Gold Peach, an item that increases your Monsters Lifespan. Note that you HAVE to get a Peach, in order to get the Phoenix and have the next crystal show up.

Now continue back down the path you were originally on and go south to another crystal in that corner. The Phoenix is there, injured. You give it the Peach, and it flies away, but leaves a Fire Feather combo item.

Now that you got the Phoenix item, you can take a shortcut back to the entrance. Find another yellow crystal to the west. You'll create a rock bridge, courtesy of your Monster. Click another crystal, and it will take you right back to the entrance."

8) Hengar

After year 1005 and during August have the tree on the lower right corner of your ranch fully grown. A yellow crystal will appear, and a Hengar will crash into the tree. Fight it and win to get the "Ancient Weapon" combining item. You can repeat this process every August.

9) Gali

Win the "Gali Coliseum" tournament. You must beat the game first.

10) Centaur

Win the "Centaur Coliseum" tournament. You must beat the game first.

11) Naga

Win the "Naga Coliseum" tournament. You must beat the game first.

12) Monol

Win the "Monol Coliseum" tournament. You must beat the game first.

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