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Exclusive to Monster Rancher 2, these monsters resemble alien-like robots with bodies shaped like flying saucers and faces resembling kachina dolls. They are rumored to have come from outer space, and are obtainable after a few special cutscenes at night where strange lights are seen followed by a crash on the horizon. Being extraterrestrial in nature, their attacks are often whimsical and eccentric, albeit still mechanical, making them similar to Henger. They excel at accuracy and defense, have the fastest Guts regain in the game, but suffer low stats in other areas.

In the anime series, Metalner is one of Durahan's robotic henchmen. He is able shrink himself down to wasp size, and then takes over Granity's body by attaching himself to the back of her neck. He turns her against the other Searchers, but is eventually defeated.

Metalner Sub-BreedsEdit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Metalner Metalner X
Love-Seeker Pixie X
Metazorl Suezo X
Chinois ??? X


Metalner is named because it is made of shiny, lustrous metal.


  • Palm Strike- Confuse
  • Double Palms
  • Burning Palm
  • Right Slap
  • Left Slap
  • Elbow Strike
  • High Kick
  • Double Kicks
  • Back Charge
  • UFO Attack
  • Straight
  • Dash Straight
  • Metalner Ray



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