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Nya 3
The species was first known as Nya, though some still consider them a separate species. They are small yellow stuffed toy cats and are one of the more popular species of monsters in the games, having appeared in every Monster Rancher game to date except Monster Rancher Online. They were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1, and were obtainable only after buying a special cat doll that appeared in the item shop and using it in a combination. In Monster Rancher 2, they are unlocked only after winning the IMA vs FIMBA Tournament (also unlocking Gali, Henger, and Worm). They are known for using tricky attacks since their intelligence stats tend to be very high, and many of their techniques involve singing or dancing.

Mew Sub-TypesEdit

Mew Mew Nya X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X X X
Nyamix Jell X
Aqua Mew Jell X
Mini Hare X
Eared Mew Hare X X X X X X X
Mama Nya Pixie X
Mum Mew Pixie X X X X X X X X X
Lovey Tiger X
Bowwow* Tiger X X
BowMew Tiger X X X X X X
Konta (Brillia) X
Tortboy (Goat) X
Mewkiri (Takrama) X
BambiMew (Morx) X
BowBow* Baku X X X
PsiMew Psiroller X
Mint Mew Psiroller X X
Ant Mew Antlan X
Mewnos Antlan X
MikMew Garu X X X
LeeuMew Garu X
Skull Mew Joker X X X X X
Mewitch Joker X X
Mocchi Mew Mocchi X X X X X X
Gray Mew Ripper X
Devil Mew Gitan X
MewBat Abyss X X X
Duck Mew Ducken X X X X
Nyamo Ducken X
MogMew Mogi X
Crabbie Arrowhead X
Marine Mew Lesione X
SueMew Suezo X
DraMew Dragon X
Mewga Naga X
Momo Mew Momo X X
Zuumew Zuum X X
MetaMew Durahan X X
Rocky Mew Golem X X
Octy Mew Octopee X X
Night Mew Zan X X
Mech Mew Henger X
Ailuron Monol X
Bastetnya Gali X
PanMew Pancho X
Mewnda Pancho X
LaMew Lamour X
ChuMew Chuparo X
Goronya Dolan X
Player ??? X X
Karioke ??? X
Teddy* ??? X X
Bear-Cat ??? X
MewBear ??? X
Swimmer ??? X X
Mewseijin ??? X
Boochin ??? X
MewSneak ??? X
Mew-J ??? X
Kero ??? X
Hip Mew ??? X
Polar Mew ??? X
White Mew ??? X
Ballad ??? X
Blossom* ??? X
Cait Sith ??? X
DruMew ??? X
Sylvanian ??? X
Cat-Child ??? X
YoroshikuNyan ??? X
Nyandoll ??? NP NP
Mewtaro ??? X
Cat-'O-Lantern ??? X
Mew-ish ??? X X

NOTE: Technically, no sub-Breeds can be created through combining in Monster Farm Online or Monster Farm Lagoon, but based on colors and attributes, educated guesses were presented on some of the sub-species for clarity

 Alternate Names Edit

Nicole (MR2 - IMa Grade C)


  • Scratch, Claw
  • Lariat, Stab, Jab
  • Mew Fan, Cat Fan, Fan, Steady Claw- Spins like a fan, slashing with claws
  • 100 Blows- Multiple quick punches
  • Million Blows
  • Kiddy Punch, Poko Punch, Punch
  • Wide Up, Rushing Punch
  • Kick
  • Jump-Kick, Hop-Kick, Leaping Kick
  • Flip-Kick, Twiddling, 10:10
  • Twiddling 2
  • Throw, Twiddling Z
  • Zap, Beam- Shoots beam from eyes
  • Maximal Zap- Volt Shock
  • Mema- Confuse
  • Doll, Cat Fool- Dodge
  • Tolerant Cat- Suicide/Block
  • Super Mewdoll, Hip Press, Diving Press
  • Idol, Mewdol- Heal
  • Mew Tornado
  • Mew Hawaiian, Hawaiian- Addled--Dances a hypnotic luau dance
  • Mysterious Dance- Confuse
  • Sing, Recital, Singing Cat- Stagger--Sings into a microphone
  • Meow Meow, Song of Mew
  • Moon Meow, Miaow, Meow- Addled
  • The Art of Meow- Block
  • Surprise, Rear Assault- Wiggles a feather to distract foe, then stabs with claws
  • Head Attack, Head-butt, Head
  • Round and Round- Dodge
  • Round and Round and Round- Confuse
  • Round and Round Z, Spin Head, Head Assault
  • Guruguru Miracle, Scaredy Cat- Dodge
  • True Vision- Palsy


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