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Mocchi (real)
Mocchi is a monster that resembles mochi (particularly, sakuramochi), the Japanese dessert made of pounded rice ("mochi") and wrapped in cherry leaves ("sakura"). Mocchi has soft, sticky skin and shell-like scales on its back, though it acts more like penguin than a reptile. It's an extremely popular companion monster that has appeared in every game since Monster Rancher 2. It's also one of the main characters in the Monster Rancher anime series. A few of their attacks involve powerful storms of wind and flower petals, but they usually rely on their resilient bodies to pound and head-butt the enemy. They can roll into a ball and bounce around, and some can expel powerful energy beams from their mouths.

Mocchi Sub-BreedsEdit

Mocchi Mocchi   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X X X X X
Nyankoro Kato X
Fake Penguin Tiger X
PengiMocchi Tiger X X X X X X X
Knight Mocchi Durahan X X
Armocchi Durahan X X X X X X X
Hell Pierrot Joker X
Pierre Mocchi Joker X X
Gelatine Jell X X X
Manna Pixie X X X X X X X
White Mocchi Xenon NP X X X X X
Draco Mocchi Dragon X X X X X X X X
Koloro* (Kalaragi) X
Sherbet (Brillia) X
Isobe Octopee X X
Warabi Suezo X X X
Drill Mocchi Mogi X
Mogi Mocchi Mogi X
Muchi Hare X X X X X
Cotton Hare X
Owl Mocchi Raiden X X X
Birdlimer Raiden X
Sodacchi Psiroller X X X
GizuMocchi Antlan X X X
Gingie Ripper X X X
Beetle Mocchi Beaclon X X X X X
PumpkiMocchi Pancho X X X X
Beakie Ducken X X X X X X X
TropiMocchi Ogyo X X X
Bitter Momo X
Tadon Zan X
YuzuMocchi Mew X
Trocchi Arrowhead X
Venomocchi Naga X
MariMocchi Zuum X X X
Marine Mocchi Lesione X X NP
Ancoran Golem X X NP
Robocchi Henger X
Fair Mocchi Gali X
Black Mocchi Monol X NP X
Caloriena ??? X
Mocchini ??? X
Gentle Mocchi ??? X X
Cosmocchi ??? X
Succhi ??? X
Sumocchi ??? X NP
OP Mocchi ??? X
Devi ??? X X X X
Maidchi ??? X
Soft Pink ??? X
Mallowan ??? X
Caqcchi ??? X
DeviRosso ??? X
DeviAzul ??? X
DeviVerd ??? X
DeviBianc ??? X
Genkitchi ??? X
Gold Mocchi ??? NP NP
Silver Mocchi ??? NP NP
Light Beachy ??? NP
Dark Beachy ??? NP
Pairechi ??? X
Mocchi-ish ??? X X

NOTE: Technically, no sub-Breeds can be created through combining in Monster Farm Online or Monster Farm Lagoon, but based on colors and attributes, educated guesses were presented on some of the sub-species for clarity

  • Other monsters have similar names

 Alternate Names Edit

Lamsweet (MR2 - IMa Grade A)


  • Slap
  • Thrust, Mocchi Crash
  • 1-2 Thrust, Super Mocchi Crash
  • Thrusts
  • Gagaccha, Gotcha
  • Press- Bounces up and pounds the enemy flat
  • Mocchi Press, Giant Press- Grows massive an crushes the enemy
  • Diving Press
  • Stretch- Addled--Stretches its face and shrieks
  • Roll, Rollin' Rollin'- Dodge
  • Rolling Attack, Roll Assault, Super Rollin' Mocchi
  • Dazzling Roll, Hyper Rollin' Mocchi- Confuse
  • Roll Attack, Koloron- Turns into a ball and rolls into the enemy
  • Mocchi Beam, Super Mocchi Gun- Fires a powerful beam from its mouth
  • Mocchi Cannon, Mocchi Bullet
  • Mocchi Ray, Mocchi Gun- Volt Shock
  • Mocchi Boom, Ultimate Mocchi Gun
  • Head-butt
  • Lick, Licking. Tongue Lick- Stagger
  • Petal Whirl, Petal Wind, Petal Swirl- Palsy
  • Petal Roll, Eightfold Cherry Blossoms
  • Golden Blossoms
  • Petal Storm, Monsoon- Suicide/Heal--Takes life from opponent and gives it to Mocchi
  • Petal Vortex, Cherry Blossom Blizzard, Cherry Blossom Snowstorm- Mocchi spins and creates a tornado of petals
  • Hip Drop, Hip Attack
  • Flame
  • Soft Body Method- Block
  • Round, Rollin'- Block
  • Hide- Dodge
  • Mocchi Moss- Block
  • Monta
  • Mossama
  • Mochiiki
  • Mossaman

Gallery Edit

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