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Mogi 2


Mogis are monsters that appear to be a fusion between a dog and a mole, and they have large drills on their heads that resemble hats or turbans. Mogis have a sense of rhythm that makes them fun as companions, and their breakdance moves can double as powerful attacks in battle. Some of their techniques involve the drill on their head, and some involve them digging underground.

Unfortunately, Mogis have a reputation for making horribly ugly monsters when combined, such as the infamous MocchiLips of Monster Rancher 4. In Monster Rancher EVO, a pair of robotic Mogis are used to do the "Bamboo Dance" trick while training for performances.

Mogi Sub-Breeds Edit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Mogi Mogi X X X X
Bosco Zuum X X
Tigre* Suezo X X
Fleece Tiger X X X
Offshore Lesione X X X
Freebird Raiden X
Cybernetico Durahan X
Slaath Durahan X
MocchiLips Mocchi X
Pease Mocchi X X
PanQuiche Garu X
Percussion Garu X
Shanx (1) Suzurin X
Amabile Suzurin X
Altoe Golem X
Beaboy Arrowhead X
Tranth Naga X
Chemics Psiroller X
Punkie Octopee X
Raiven Dragon X
Oltana Antlan X
Shanx (2) Ducken X X
Nyaga Mew X X
Sopra Pixie X X
Grandie Joker X X
Ezzie Zan X X
Casua Momo X X
Tap Hare X
Classic Henger X
HardLuck Gitan X
Religioso Gali X
Maharajan ??? X
Blacki ??? X
Shogun Mogi ??? X
Arbor Mogi ??? X
Oricon ??? X
Thrillie ??? X
Eurobeat ??? X
Rapper ??? X
Hooligan ??? X
  • Other monsters have similar names



  • Headbang
  • Head Spin
  • Break Spin
  • Dig
  • The Earth
  • Dig-Dig, Dish Mosh
  • Ground Beat- Stagger
  • Punch-In
  • Scratch- Addled
  • Sand Loop- Addled
  • Splash- Confuse

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