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Monols resemble flat, rectangular walls that move by gliding over the earth. Their names derive from their shape, since they are based on the monoliths from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. They appeared in Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II, Monster Rancher Advance 2, and Monster Farm DS 2. They can morph/project their surfaces into various solids shapes, including faces, spikes, or tendrils. It is unclear exactly how, but Monols seem to have a connect with two other elusive monsters from Monster Rancher 1--the Magic and the Doodle. Some believe that Monols are actually Magics who hide their true forms. Although Monols are fairly nondescript, they often create evil or dark-type monsters when combined. In Monster Rancher EVO, Monol is one of the bosses that the characters must face in the Campana area. In the Monster Rancher animeseries, Genki and Holly unlock a Monol from a "mystery disc" that they find in the desert, and he proceeds to guide them with his wise advice throughout the series.

List of Sub-Types Edit

Monol Monol X X NP X X X X
Ropa Pixie X
Romper Wall Pixie X
Sponge Tiger X
Blue Sponge Tiger X
Groomy Hare X
Furred Wall Hare X X X
Messiah* Gali X
Ivory Wall Gali X X
Sobo Worm X
Soboros Worm X X
Asfar Naga X
Asphaltum Naga X X X
Jura Wall (1) Dino X
Jura Wall (2) Zuum X X
Ice Candy Jell X X
New Leaf Plant X X
Sandy Suezo X X X X X
Obelisk Golem X X X X X
Aqua Wall Lesione X
Trance Wall Mogi X
Tiramisu Raiden X
Mocchi Wall Mocchi X
Choco Wall Henger X
Trico Wall Ducken X
AmenoIwato Joker X
Mad Wall Gitan X
Great Wall Dragon X
Sky ??? X
Two-Tone ??? X
Scribble ??? X X
Galaxy ??? X
Dominos ??? X
Burning Wall ??? NP
Cake Wall X
Castella X
Akashic X X
Monol-ish X


  • Form Alpha- Dodge
  • Form Beta- Dodge
  • Form Omega- Block
  • Form Sigma- Block
  • Form Aegis, Formation
  • Charge, Body Slam- Suicide
  • Volley
  • Knock
  • Double Attack, Double Knocks
  • Triple Attack, Triple Knocks
  • Super Endless Attack
  • Strange Light, Light
  • Beam
  • Double Beams
  • Triple Beams
  • Trio Beam X
  • Trio Beam Y
  • Omega Trio Beam
  • Ray
  • Double Rays
  • Triple Rays- Block
  • Flattening, Tackle- Suicide
  • Flattening-L
  • Flattening-X, Tackle X- Suicide/Heal
  • Needle Stabs, Nail Stabs
  • Super Needle Stabs, Spike Stabs
  • Spike Bite
  • Scratch
  • Mach Stab, Sting
  • Tentacles, Probe Attack- Stagger
  • Screech
  • Warawara
  • Soundwave- Addled

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