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The Monster Rancher anime is an anime based on the Monster Rancher video game series which consisted of 48 episodes initially until it was later extended to 73 episodes.

An English dub was produced by Ocean Studios in Vancouver, most notable for their work on Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing and Death Note.

The anime has been full released in three DVD box sets in Japan. The first season was released in English, in an edited dub only format. It is unknown whether the rest will be available or not.

Most of the series is now officially streamed on Hulu.

Storyline Edit

Monster Rancher is the story of a boy named Genki Sakura (the monster champ) who is teleported into his favorite video game. Upon his arrival he runs into Holly and Suezo. After he unlocks Mocchi, Genki learns what the Monster Rancher world is all about. All of them soon become friends and Genki joins them on their quest for the Phoenix. The main antagonist in the series is Master Moo. Moo is an evil monster who is turning all the good monsters into bad ones (Baddies). The Phoenix is a monster and it is said that when the Phoenix rises, all the bad monsters will become good monsters and all the lost disks will become monsters again. Genki and crew are searching for the disk that the Phoenix is locked in. You see, in the Monster Rancher world, monsters have to be unlocked from mystery disks and then if they are badly damaged they become lost disks.

Later on in the story, the team joins up with Golem, Tiger of the Wind, and Hare. Together, they are the “Courageous Seven,” the only ones with enough guts to fight Moo. In their search for the Phoenix, new friends are made, secrets are revealed as the monster world’s greatest adventure unfolds.

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