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Monster Rancher 2


the IMA receptionist--the first person you meet in the game, but went unnamed

Monster Rancher 2
(Monster Farm 2 in Japan) is the second North American and Japanese installment in the Monster Rancher series. In Europe (and other PAL locations,) Monster Rancher 2 is the first release in the series and is thus named Monster Rancher. It is the second of the Monster Rancher video game series to be released in Playstation platform.

Monsters Edit

There are 38 main types of monsters, but two different monsters can be combined together to create subspecies, thus making 392 different species available. Also, 16 enemy cards are available making a total of 408 cards that can be acquired in game.

Trivia Edit

  • The dinosaur-like monster featured on the cover art is not a playable monster in the actual game,it is expected to be a prototype of a Datonare (Tiger/Zuum)
  • Holly, the assistant from the first game, makes a cameo appearance in a tournament.
  • Dadge, the owner of the lab, makes a cameo appearance in Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode 2.

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