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Monster Rancher Advance

Monster Rancher Advance is the first Monster Rancher game released on Game Boy Advance. Its sequel is Monster Rancher Advance 2. It was released in 2001.

Gameplay Edit

This game is similar to Monster Rancher 2 in that you raise monsters on the ranch and enter tournaments. This game however introduced an entirely new Monster Association, AGIMA (FIMBA being in Monster Rancher 1 and IMa being in Monster Rancher 2). It also takes place on Age Island, with completely new places to explore.

This game also introduced a unique coaching system in which you could use old monsters to help your new monsters with their stat gains, which had never been an option in previous games.

Monster Regeneration Edit

Unlike other Monster Rancher video games, this game reproduces monsters by using a character combination.

Monster CombinationEdit

Unlike the titles on other platforms, Monster breeds maintain the appearance of their pure breed, and recieve only the colors of their sub breed beacuse of the limitations of the platform (For example, a base Suezo with a sub Tiger will create a blue Suezo, but the Suezo will not have fur patterns or a horn) However, monster combination also effects a monster's parimeters much like the earlier titles, such as a Golem sub raising the Power stat in the offspring, or a Zuum sub increasing Speed.

Monsters Edit

This game has 440 playable monsters, which you can find at Monster Rancher Advance Monsters.

Trivia Edit

  • The assistant in this game is a young girl named named Aroma, who becomes your friend in Monster Rancher Advance 2.
  • There are no deaths in the game; an old monster will be retired or turned into a coach.
  • Chickens and frogs can be seen on your ranch in spring.
  • Interestingly enough, this is the only Monster Rancher game to date that does not include Hare.
  • Monster Rancher Advance is the first portable game of the series in which you actually raise and battle monsters; the other two handheld game titles, Monster Rancher Battle Card and Monster Rancher Explorer, were a card game and puzzle/adventure game, respectively.
  • This game introduced Antlan as a new monster

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