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Monster Rancher EVO

Monsterfarm5 ps2jpboxboxart 160w

Japanese cover art

Monster Rancher EVO(モンスターファーム5 サーカスキャラバン "Monster Farm 5 Circus Caravan" in Japan) is a Playstation 2 game in the Monster Rancher series. It is an RPG game, holding a more story-driven feel, which is different from other Monster Rancher games. Training is also done differently than in previous games.

Gameplay Edit

Monster Rancher Evo is an RPG game setting it aside from other games of the series. Many other new additions include the ability to explore the various towns you visit, speaking to the town's people and buying disc stones.

The game retains many core mechanics like using CD's and DVD's to regenerate monsters and the ability to raise up to five monsters like in Monster Rancher 4. Freezing, now called sealing, makes a return along with combining. A key difference with Monster Rancher 4 is that once a monster stored, it can be revived.

Training is done by having the monsters perform for the Orcoro Circus. The training results are based on the player's results in playing 1 of 3 minigames depending on what trick each monster is doing.


The Orcoro Circus is a group of people that brings joy and happiness. Julio, a young boy dreams of becoming a professional,talented and famous Monster Breeder. One day after a performance, a mysterious yet beautiful girl appears. With her magical powers,She forced her way into the circus.After that she introduced her self as Nayuta.

Interaction to other NPCs is the key to moving forward in the story.There are Seven towns in this Game. Each of the seven towns that you visit has its own problems. In each village there is a guild. At the guild Julio accepts missions from the guildmaster that have been set by the villagers. The rewards for missions are gold, items, and even rare monsters!

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