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Monster Rancher Episode 18- Our Friend Henger Forever

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hengaa yo, eien ni
Our Friend Henger Forever
Season Season 1, Episode 18
Techo Dragon (Anime)
Japanese Air Date 1999-08-14
English Air Date 1999-11-17
Previous Underground Adventure
Next Suezo's Secret Weapon

The Searchers stumble upon a robotic hand in the woods. Genki recognizes it as the arm of a Henger, and prompts them to search for more parts. This causes them to find an enormous, futuristic city. Delighted to find the city, as they are all starving and thirtsy, they barge right in. Since the city appears to be deserted, Tiger destroys a vending machine to obtain the drinks inside. This sets off an alarm that causes a swarm of Henger to appear and demand city ID. Since they have none, the Searchers flee as the Hengers fire upon them. In the process, they drop Suezo's bag, the drinks, and the Magic Stone.

Forced to the outskirts of the city, Genki and Tiger both try to reenter the city to obtain their lost items, but both fail. Suddenly, a voice is heard from the trash compactor. It is a Henger, who seems much more friendly and less robotic than the city guards. Genki reassembles him, and he explains that he somehow gained Free Will one day, and tells the searchers about the city- it was an ancient civilization whose human inhabitants all vanished in the ancient war. The Hengers still protect the empty city, because they don't know how to do anything else. When Henger tried to explain to the others that the war was over, they fired upon him and threw him in the trash. Henger agrees to help the Searchers retrieve their lost items, but they are soon attacked by the leader of the Hengers, Techno Dragon. They managed to hide in an old building where Mocchi finds food in machines. Holly warns that the food is ancient, but Henger assures them that the food is fresh, and indeed, any fresh food they wanted was dispensed from the machines.

Henger decides to sneak in a meeting held by Techno Dragon and steal back the items, but he is caught and they all must flee outside the city. They all make it except for Henger, who is blasted out by Techno Dragon's flame attack, in pieces. Henger begins to speak again, however, showing that he merely needs to be reassembled again.

The Seachers invite Henger on their quest to find the Phoenix, but he declines, stating that he hopes someday that he will someday come through to all the Hengers in the city, and that they can all be free of the endless task of defending the abandoned city.

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  • The Searchers

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