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Monster Rancher Episode 31- Amusement Park Ruins

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senjoo no yūen chi
Amusement Park Ruins
Season 02, Episode 31
Japanese Air Date 1999-11-20
English Air Date 2000-09-24
Previous Baby Bossy
Next Holly's Million Gold Smile

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As the episode opens, Moo's troops have finally finished excavating his original body. He attempts to merge with it but fails. The bad seeds capture Monol as he attempts to deliver a message to Moo.

The searchers find the ruins of an amusement park from the ancient days. Even though there is no electricity, the searcher enjoy themselves. However, the Kuros attack and capture Mocchi. Pixie appears and helps the searchers defeat the Kuros. She then tells them that Moo has found his original body. She tells them that Big Blue has been researching the Pheonix and encourages them to keep opposing Moo before she leaves.

Back at the excavation site Monol has told Moo the same story he told the searchers and tries to convince him that the destruction was pointless. Moo realizes that the same technology that separated him from his body could return him to it. He sends the Bad Seeds to the ruins in the Taurus Mountains with the orders to bring the ruins to him.

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