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Monster Rancher Episode 35- Battle with the Big Bad Four

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shitennoo saigo no kessen!
Battle with the Big Bad Four
Season 02, Episode 35
Naga (Anime)
Japanese Air Date 1999-12-18
English Air Date 2001-02-13
Previous The Town That Disappeared
Next Eve's Night


While Moo struggles to merge himself with his body, the Searchers met Pixie and Big Blue. The duo explain that Moo is now using the final gate to restore himself. When the combined group is determined to defeat Naga (since he is the final member of the Big Bad Four), Pixie realizes that someone is eavesdropping on them. She fires a lightning bolt to some nearby boulders, which reveals three Zuums. In panic, the Zuums create a dust cloud and escape, managing to evade Tiger's lightning.

After the Zuums leave, Pixie tells the other Searchers that the Zuums work for Naga. Suezo remembers Naga as the one who attacked his and Holly's village, and decides to attack his castle and defeat him. The others agree, as Naga will continue to chase them. Without thinking twice, Suezo teleports away after Big Blue tells them about the location of Naga's castle.

After they prevent Suezo from attacking by himself, Genki and the others plan an invasion of the castle. Big Blue has everyone hide inside a carriage that he brought to trick the guards outside the castle.But as the invasion progresses, their cover is seemingly blown as one of the Zuums became suspicious. Golem, Big Blue, Pixie, Tiger and Hare stay behind to fight them, leaving only Genki, Holly, Mocchi, and Suezo to reach Naga's throne room. There Suezo, Genki, and Mocchi fight Naga, but he defeats them, able to match Mocchi's Mocchi Cannon with his Mystic Shot.

Naga then turns to Holly. She tries to escape to a nearby tower across a bridge, but with the door locked, she is cornered. With her dagger aimed directly at Naga, Holly asks him if Moo (who is currently fused together with her father) ordered the attack on her village, and Naga says that he did. Holly realizes that her father has been completely consumed by Moo's soul. Naga is about to kill Holly when Suezo intervenes, biting Naga's left shoulder. Naga throws Suezo off his shoulder and drops him in front of Holly. As Naga clutches his injured shoulder, Mocchi hits him in the back with a Mocchi Cannon, smashing him into the tower and right through another wall, which crumbles, causing Naga to fall and hang for his life at the edge of his castle. Holly, Mocchi, Genki and a reluctant Suezo try to save him, but he refuses, explaining that he has walked down the path of evil for far too long, lets go and falls to his death. Naga's minions surrender, and finally the Big Bad Four are defeated.

Moo successfully merges with his original body.


The Battle with NagaEdit

Suezo uses his Tail Attack on Naga, which doesn't affect him. Naga knocks Suezo down. Genki and Mocchi run at Naga, but Suezo says he wants to get him! Suezo keeps whipping him with his tail but Naga knocks him down again! Suezo repeatedly slaps Naga with his tongue but still not affecting him! Naga throws Suezo down. Suezo teleports and actually does a bit of damage to Naga with his Tail Attack, but is knocked down again. Genki and Mocchi use their Double Pounder! They hit him with their heads then kick him in the head! Naga swings his claw and knocks them into the wall then uses his Eye Beam on them! Mocchi uses the Mocchi Cannon, but Naga uses an energy ball and it overpowers the Mocchi Cannon and hits Mocchi! Naga then turns to Holly and she is trapped on the bridge next to a locked door! Holly asks if Moo ordered Naga to attack the village and Naga said he did! Holly realizes her father is completely gone and Moo has taken control. As Naga moves in for the kill, Suezo bites his left shoulder and he throws him off. Mocchi uses the Mocchi Cannon on Naga, smashing him through the locked door and hanging off the edge of the tower. Holly asks him to take her hand. Genki and Mocchi eventually do the same, and so does Suezo, who is reluctant to. Naga says “So that's why you're all so strong...” then lets go of the edge and falls to his death.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The fourth and final Big Bad Four, Naga, is defeated in this episode.
  • Like Episode 27, Tiger's Battle with Destiny, another episode where a Big Bad Four is defeated and Moo moves one step closer to power, this episode was skipped by the Fox channel, either due to Holly pulling a dagger on Naga or Naga's suicide.
  • The part with Suezo biting Naga's shoulder is cut from the English dub because of the use of blood.

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