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gekitoo! gaia soodatsu sen
Magic Stone Mayhem
Season 02, Episode 44
Japanese Air Date 2000-02-26
English Air Date 2000-11-05
Previous The Sand Assassin, Renocraft
Next The End of Durahan

Episode 44 Magic Stone Mayhem, know as "The Great Battle for Gaia" in the Japanese version, is the 44th episode of Monster Rancher.

Featured MonstersEdit


The episode opens with the Weeds who realize that the Magic Stone's powers are needed to fully resurrect Moo. Which the Weeds inform to Durahan to do the job, but was refused as Durahan doesn't want to lose anymore of his troop in which Lilim stops the fight. Durahan then unleashed his next minion, minions to be exact.

The gang hide unde the waterfall as Tiger blaming Suezo's Teleport ability. Holly wandered why suddenly the baddies want the stone. Hare then thought up a plan while smiling strangly at Genki.

Genki and Holly change clothes to allow her to escape with Tiger, but Lilim attacks Tiger and steals the stone she gives the stone a kiss before leaving. She then stop the robots from kill the rest of the Searchers. When a Weed asked her for the stone, she sliced his fingers and revealed Durahan's intention to obtain the Magic Stone's powers for himself.

She then orders her troop to kill the Searcher. Weed, however, uses his last bits of strength to kill the original robot thus shutting down Lilim's troops. Genki tries to stop Lilim from escaping but she shakes him down and Tiger has to rescue him. Lilim blows him a goodbye kiss then fled with the stone.

At Ironbird, Durahan analyzed that if Moo got the stone his power will increased to devastative level, but as long as he has the stone Moo will not achieved perfection. Lilim however, seems to has a different plan for it herself...




Japanese Version


English Version

  • This is the first and last episode that Lilim called out her attack, Lightning.
  • In Japanese version Lilim slashed captain weed finger not reflect projectiles back to him.
  • This is the first and only episode that Genki and Holly switched their cloth.
  • Tiger stated that he didn't sensed any of the baddies as he escaped with Holly meaning that he cannot detected Lilim since she is aerial monster. However tiger can sense smell from wind but it might still because Lilim came "under" the wind.

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