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Monster Rancher Episode 54- Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge

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マンディー記念杯 立て!ライガー!」
mandii kinen hai date! raigaa!
Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge
Season 03, Episode 54
Teradok in episode 54
Japanese Air Date 2000-05-20
English Air Date 2001-09-18
Previous The Powerful Wondar Brothers
Next Disappearing Hare Line

Tiger of the Wind (character) and Mocchi (anime) enter the Mandy Cup with Genki Sakura as their coach. Tiger's first opponent is Teradok and Mocchi's is White Birch. Genki's team proceeds to the final round. Tiger's opponent is Knight Niton, Tiger loses. Mocchi's next opponent is Fake Penguin, Mocchi wins. Tiger faces off with Knight Niton in a rematch to determine the champion. Tiger wins with his lightning attack. Genki's teams receives a winner's card! The episode ends with Mum mew finding a letter--Durahan grows angry.

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