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Monster Rancher Episode 57- Furred Suezo's M-1 Grand Prix Hero

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M-1グランプリ ガンバ!スエゾー」
M-1 guranpuri ganba! suezoo
Furred Suezo's M-1 Grand Prix Hero
Season 03, Episode 57
Winners circle ep 57
Japanese Air Date 2000-06-03
English Air Date
Previous Lost at Sea: Disappearance of the Mystery Disc
Next All's Fair in Love and Taxis

The gang signs up for the M-1 Grand Prix Cup. Golem, Mocchi, and Suezo sign up with Genki as their coach. The group trains before the match while Suezo wanders off into the city.

Suezo walks in on a squabble between a juvenile Furred Suezo and a gang of juvenile Fly Eye. Suezo tells the furred suezo to stand up for himself, then takes him under his wing, err eye stalk. The two rush off to the colosseum. But first suezo steals back a card the Fly Eye gang took from Furred Suezo. The Fly Eye Suezos steal it back from them. Suezo staggers off to the colosseum.

Golem faces off against Cawken. Golem loses. Mocchi faces off against Gaboo. Mocchi wins. Suezo shows up beaten up. His opponent is Zilla. Suezo wins.

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