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Monster Rancher Episode 61- Pink Jam to the Rescue

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makeru na pinku jamu!
Pink Jam To The Rescue
Season 03, Episode 61
Tombstone (Anime)
Japanese Air Date 2000-07-01
English Air Date
Previous The Fickle Finger of Fate
Next Ghost Encounters of the Pirate Kind

Episode 61: Summary Edit

Pink Jam and the Jells began to get a job after a failed attempt on stealing the mystery disk in Episode 51. And on the way, they met up with Genki and the gang and joined them for a while. Tombstone, sent by General Durahan, attacked the gang and stole the mystery disk. In the first place, the Pink Jam was too afraid to confront the Tombstones. But after words from Genki and the others about teamwork, he managed to face up with the Tombstones and retrieve the mystery disk from them. During the battle process, the Baddie Crest was also broken, and they were free(?) from the Baddies.

Featured Monsters Edit

Pink Jam Edit

  • A pink colored Jell monster, and was also the captain of the Jell team. He has a hobby of stacking six (maximum) stones whenever he was depressed.

Jell Edit

  • The regular, blue colored Jell monster. They see Pink Jell as their captain and helped him throughout the journey (including jobs).

Tombstone Edit

  • The grey colored Joker monster which was sent by General Durahan to stole the mystery disk from Holly.

See Also Edit

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