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Monster Rancher Episode 62- Ghost Encounters of the Pirate Kind

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makeru na pinku jamu!
Pink Jam To The Rescue
Season 03, Episode 62
Ghost (Anime)
Japanese Air Date 2000-07-01
English Air Date
Previous Pink Jam to the Rescue
Next Naga Returns

Episode 62: Episode Summary Edit

Genki and the gang, with Golem by their side, need to find a huge boat in order to get to the other side of the sea. They meet Horn, whose boat was stolen, and somehow, they manage to get a raft which led them to where the boat was. Unfortunately, the boat is occupied with Ghosts, who are also Baddies and trying to steal the treasures within. The gang faces difficulty on beating them, but Suezo managed to confront them through the singing. The Ghosts flee, and the boat is safe, except that the gang almost forgets to untie the ropes that hold the steering wheels tight.

Episode 62: Monsters Edit

Horn Edit

  • A White and Blue Suezo with a horn on the forehead, and was also the captain of the stolen ship. He also likes Holly very much which makes Suezo very annoyed.

Ghost Edit

  • A dead monster for some reason, and was also a tough opponent due to its invisibility. They were also part of the Baddies.

See Also Edit

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