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saigo no tatakai
The Final Battle
Season 03 Finale, Episode 73
Japanese Air Date 2000-9-30
English Air Date
Previous Reunion
Next End of Series


After rescuing Holly's father, the gang waits for him to awaken. Genki encourages Holly that his memory will back. But Tiger felt that it would be best that his memory not returned at all. Holly also said that he will horrified by his memories when Moo took over his body. Other monsters agreed, but Genki said that was ridiculous, as bot Holly and her father will not happy with this.

Suezo then ask what will they do to destroy Moo's disk as that disk deemed dangerous. Tiger suggests to destroy it, but Genki thinks it's a bad idea as Moo's soul will released in process. He than thinking about alternative idea to seal it. Suddenly, tha disk and the stone were grabbed by Weed's tendrils. General Durahan appears, and reveals that he will used Moo's Mystery Disk and the Magic Stone so that he may harness Moo's strength as his own. Genki warns them abut the danger that they may unleashed. But Poison, Weed, Mum Mew and Gobi launched all-out attacks, and escapes. The Searchers then give pursuit to shrine that they likely used.

Poison, Weed, Mum Mew, and Gobi prepares to fuse Durahan with Moo's essence. Just then, the Searchers arrives, and Weed orders Pison, MumMew and Gobi to deal with them. However, the Searchers launches their all-out attack, and throw the three to Weed, and in process destroyed the Shrine Controller. This causes Durahan shouts "NOOOOOO!!!!!", as he overwhelmed by Moo's soul. The evil soul launches electricity to Durahan's minion, and fuses inta to a powerful, armor-clad, scarlet warrior called Ruby Knight. He then attacks the Searchers, launches them out of the shrine.

Genki asks Holly to brought her father away, but as she tries to doing so, her father goes to the battle, as he attracted by Moo's presence and finally sees the monster. Despite the gang's best efforts, all their attacks fail to make a dent in this new monster, and he appears invincible. As the Ruby Knight taunts them, Holly's father clutch his head and scream in pain, as he eventually regain his memories. As he finally remembers everything, he embrace his daughter, after being separated for years. The searchers, however unable to gain the upper hand, even with energy beam that manifests from their courage.

Holly’s father then turns on Moo, realize that Durahan’s team are suffering the same fate as his before. Holly tries to persuade him to leave as Moo is too dangerous to deal with. He knows that Moo is powerful, but he vowed to destroy him, as he wants to redeem himself and prevent another chaos and terror engulf entire world once again. Unfortunately, Moo is too powerful and corners him. Moo encourages them to surrender with hatred, but Genki says that courage is more powerful than hatred. So Moo engulf everyone in darkness.

They are brought inside the heart of the evil soul, and see that the evil soul, rather than being united with General Durahan, Poison, Weed, Mum Mew, and Gobi, is actually consuming them as what Holly's father feared. Just then, Holly’s father came up with an idea; as Moo’s power on par with Phoenix’s, they need Phoenix’s soul to destroy Moo’s soul. Using their powers, the gang creates the Phoenix to fight Moo's soul - and both souls fights.

180px-Böser Geist gegen Phoenix

Moo vs Phoenix

But Moo temporary gain the upper hand as it coils around Phoenix, until Phoenix released itself along Durahan and his team. Angered, Moo blasts them with a lightning, but Phoenix protects them. Durahan questions why phoenix protect them and the Searchers help them. Genki reveals that hatred is weaker than courage and whether they enemies of not is not matter. Mum Mew understands what Genki mean. Then Genki and everyone merges with Phoenix's soul, empowered it, and eventually destroyed Moo's soul with a powerful strike by crashing itself to Moo.

Gruppe und Hollys Vater

The brand new day

Eventually, everyone returns to real world, and Poison rejoice as their Baddie crest gone. While both Weed and Durahan shocked and happy as they have their body restored thanks to Phoenix. While Phoenix's soul split once again into Mocchi, Tiger, Golem, Hare, and Suezo, Holly have to help her father standing, exhausted as he used his power for final battle. What was left from Moo flies to the skies and destroyed into sparks of light that purifies remaining Baddies and restores lands that once destroyed. All of the heroes sees sun sets, for a brand new day.

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Moo's defeat in this episode is similar with Izanami-no-Okami's defeat in Persona 4, as both Moo and Izanami defeated by protagonists with a powerful strike.

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