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, also called freezing, is the only way to have multiple monsters in your possession without currently training them all. Basically you are using chryogenics to freeze your monster and then later revive it in the exact same state in which you left it.

Reason for FreezingEdit

There are two reasons for freezing. The first is that of a storage for monsters that can be used for a later time. This allows monsters to be interchanged for the conveniance of the player (e.g. If a player wants to switch out their Suezo for a Golem because the player is bored with the Suezo, but dosen't want to get rid of the Suezo completley).

The second reason for freezing is combining. The only way to combine is if two (or in the case of MR4, one) frozen monsters.

Differances Between GamesEdit

  • In Monster Rancher 2 freezing can be done at any time at the lab in town. The owner of the lab is Dadge.
  • Rather than being based on actual freezing Monster Rancher 3 uses the shriine to both freeze and seal the monsters.
  • Monster Rancher 4 returns to its roots of actual freezing of the monsters, but has a major change. Monsters can't be unfrozen once frozen.
  • Monster Rancher EVO uses sealing. It also allows the player to purchas pre-sealed monsters at a store.

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