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Nagas are humanoid serpents from Hindu mythology with stingers at the end of their tails. They are known for being violent and vicious.They were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 as obtainable at the beginning of the game, and have continued to appear in every Monster Rancher game since except for Monster Rancher Online. Naga was also one of the chief villains in the Monster Rancher anime series, appearing as one of Moo's Big Bad Four; he was responsible for the destruction of Holly and Suezo's village, and when being fought by the series' protagonists, he committed suicide when shocked by his enemies' desire to save him, although he was revived as a good monster in the last season.

Naga SubBreeds Edit

Naga Naga X X X X X X X X X X X


(Brillia) X
Merman Goat X
Aspis Takrama X
HakTak Ripper X X X
Blobster Dragon X X X
Lava Blood Dragon X
Scar-Face Zan X
Tricella Psiroller X
Metal-Claw Durahan X
Madderie Arrowhead X
Albina Ducken X
Cutlass Antlan X
Alcatraz Antlan X
Sandler Mogi X X
Hydra (2) Lesione X X
Nut-Eater Momo X X
Hunter Mew X X
Octa-Claw Octopee X X
Echidna Joker X X
Python Raiden X
Banaga Garu X
Blue-Nail Suzurin X
Cari ??? X
Anguish ??? X
Time Noise ??? X
Punisher ??? NP X
Ekidonna ??? X
Eega ??? X
Crawl ??? X
Dogmar ??? X
Grendel ??? X
Miasman ??? X
Magic Banana ??? X X
Naga-ish ??? X
Trident Golem X X X
Bazula Gali X X X X
Jungler Plant X X X X X X NP
RoseoCobra Mocchi X X X X
Wild Pink Mocchi X X
Cutter Jell X
Aqua-Cutter Jell X
Hydra (1) Jell X
Boxer* Pixie X X
Striker Tiger X X X
Boxer* Monol X
Crimson-Eyed Monol X X
Gaia* Worm X
Earth-Keeper Worm X
Liper Pixie X
Ripper* Pixie X X
Ceto Henger X X X
Edgy Hare X
Edgehog Hare X X
Stinger (1) Dino X
Stinger (2) Zuum X X X
Viper Zuum X X
* Other monsters have similar names


  • Tail Slash, Tail Assault
  • Stab
  • Poison Cut, Needle-Cutter- Palsy
  • Flick
  • Punch
  • Thwack, Heavy Punch
  • Power Combo, Death Trap
  • Desupiashingu
  • Pierce, Belly Blow, Belly Punch
  • Bone-Breaker
  • Scissors, Double Claw- Dives at foe with both arms like scissors
  • Tornado Spin Attack, Whirl Blow
  • Rotation Attack, Turn Assault- Dodge
  • Screw Dive, Drill Assault, Drill Attack- Spirals into air and dives at enemy claws first
  • Power Dive, Hedge-Cutter
  • Pump Up- Suicide/Block
  • Drain, Lifesteal, Energy Drain- Heal
  • Lethal Fang
  • Magic Sky Bullet
  • Evil Shot, Evil Bomb, Energy Shot
  • Evil Shots, Energy Shots- Fires multiple balls of energy from hands
  • Berserk Devastation, Wicked Bomb
  • Poison Gas, Poison Fog
  • Deadly Poisonous Smoke, Poison Shower- Stagger
  • Glare- Palsy
  • Eye Beam, Energy Throw
  • Brain Drain- Confuse
  • Skin of the Tyrant- Block
  • Counter- Suicide/Block
  • Tyrant Power- Raises its power for the rest of the fight


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