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Pixie Purebreed
For the character, see Pixie (Anime).

Pixies are humanoid monsters first introduced in Monster Rancher 1, and are easily obtainable from the beginning of each game (They appear in every Monster Rancher game to date). Pixies are presented as red faeries with horns, leathery wings, and a long, whip-like tail. Their would-be evil appearance is offset by the bright colors and heart-like imagery that their combinations usually bring. Pixies are known to be disobedient but can be a powerfully ally in battle.

Pixies use a variety of fire and electrical attacks combined with speed to sap the opponent's will to fight. In the anime series, it is shown that they are human-sized, as opposed to the size of fireflies or birds like in the legends. Pixie herself is one of Moo's top baddies in the series, but later switches sides and becomes one of the biggest rebel allies. She eventually gives her life to save Genki from Moo, and combines into a new type of Pixie called Granity. Several other Pixies dot the series, mostly as assistants to the bad guys. Most notable are the treacherous Lilim and calculating Poison.

Pixie Sub-BreedsEdit

Pixie Pixie X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Dixie (1) Dino X NP
Nymph (1) Jell X
Nagisa Jell X
Mopsy Hare X
Lepus Hare X
Serene* Plant X
Serenity* Plant X
Nymph (2) Plant X X
Prism Monol X
Silhouette Monol X X
Vixen Golem X
Granity Golem X X X
Radar Worm X
Night-Flyer Worm X X X
Mint Tiger X X X X
Aero Tiger X X X X X X
Vanity Suezo X X X
Sueko Suezo X X X X X
Allure Naga X X X X X X X X X X
Angel Gali X X X X X
Kitten Kato X
Dryad Mock X
Futurity Metalner X
Unico Centaur X
Jilt Wracky X
Snowy Jill X
Jinnee Bajarl X
Dixie (2) Zuum X X X
Janne Durahan X X X X X X X
Lilim Joker X X X X X X X X NP X
Daina Dragon X X X X X X X X X NP
Farn (Morx) X
Windine (Goat) X X
Undine* Lesione X X X X X
Mermaid* Lesione X
Pink Princess Ogyo X X X X
Faerilina Ripper X X X
Mischief Ducken X X X X X
Mystie Ducken X
Columbina Piroro X X X X
Amazoon Mogi X
Vivian Arrowhead X
Nyang Mew X
Scryer Zan X
Naibell Psiroller X
Suntarn Octopee X
Alrato Antlan X
Lip Pink Mocchi X X
Xylohorn Momo X X
Fetish Raiden X
Rinka* Suzurin X
Hell Gitan X
Bunny ??? X
Eve ??? X
Platinum ??? X
Poison ??? X
Mia ??? X
Kasumi ??? X X X X X
Fay ??? X
Pansy ??? X
Fantuger ??? X X
Valkyrie ??? X X
Miku ??? X X
Kung-Fu* ??? X
Altima ??? X
Kali ??? X
Carmilla ??? X
Ayane ??? X
Stream ??? X
Seraphim ??? X
Apsaras ??? X
Truenos ??? X
Dragonfly ??? NP NP
Ryanashi ??? NP
Dark Ryanashi ??? NP
Pixie-ish ??? X X

NOTE: Technically, no sub-Breeds can be created through combining in Monster Farm Online or Monster Farm Lagoon, but based on colors and attributes, educated guesses were presented on some of the sub-species for clarity

  • Other monsters have similar names


  • Kiss, Fairy Kiss- Confuse
  • Heal Ring, Refreshment, HP Recovery, Recover- Heal--Recovers life
  • Lightning
  • Bolt, Shock
  • Somersault, Heel Raid- Backflips and kicks enemy
  • Silky Dance, Step- Confuse--A hypnotic dance to confuse enemies
  • Wind Lance- Flies up and shoots down at the enemy like a torpedo
  • Star Shower, Star Gather, Gigaray- Fires balls of energy
  • Milkyway, Ray Cast, Enchant- Confuse--Flies around the enemy, casting a spell
  • Starlight, Ray- Energy ball attack
  • Elemental Guard- Returns guts
  • Heart-Breaker
  • Fairy Dust- Slow
  • Icycle Dust
  • Freeze Spear
  • Force Shield- Block
  • Kick
  • High Kick, Psychic Kick- Addled
  • Pat
  • Soar- Dodge
  • Slap
  • Mega Ray, Shotgun
  • Flame, Hot Breath
  • Fireball
  • Giga Flame
  • 1-2 Punch
  • Bang, Sonic Blast
  • Big Bang, Thunder
  • Life Steal- Suicide--Casts a spell that steals life from the opponent but hurts Pixie as well
  • Scratch, Claw Slash
  • Fire Wall
  • Tackle, Charge

Etymology Edit

Pixies are English and Celtic legends, supposed to be child-like fairies that love to dance. They are very mischievous. In modern use, the term can be synonymous with fairies or sprites. However, in folklore there is a traditional enmity, even war, between the two races.


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