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Rai raiden

The Raiden species are creatures that resemble humanoid birds. They are masters of the martial arts, and most of their attacks feature kicks, chops, or punches. They first appeared in Monster Rancher 3 and must be unlocked in most games they appear in. In Monster Rancher 4 Raiden plays an important part in the first storyline: the cave found on Phayne's ranch is home to the a large level boss Raiden called Shiden. After defeating him, the player is given a "Raiden Feather" and can breed them from there on out. The bird boss Mao Mao in Monster Rancher EVO also seems to like the Raidens and uses them as bodyguards for the bird sanctuary.

Raiden Sub-Breeds Edit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Raiden Raiden X X X X X
Peligoon (Goat) X
Raipenpenn (Brillia) X
Phowou (Kalaragi) X
Griphyon* (Takrama) X
Anquiloden Madillo X
Putaranoden Zuum X
Flamingo* Ogyo X
Skyhorn Psiroller X
Juggernaut* Psiroller X
Evil Beak Gitan X X
Boreas Gitan X
Griffonite* Durahan X X X
Griffin* Durahan X
Aguila Garu X X X
Suparna Garu X
Naskaova Henger X X X
Gargoyle Naga X X X
Raiducken Ducken X X X X
Flaminden* Pixie X
Seaguile Lesione X
Shrike Mogi X
Zephyrus Momo X
Rubber-Arm Arrowhead X
Midas Mew X
Allblue Antlan X
Horus Gali X
Nix* Joker X
Benu Dragon X
Cowbird ??? X
Petraden ??? X
Shiden ??? NP
Peacocken ??? X
Owlden ??? X X
Captain Bird ??? X X
Grasseed ??? X
Raiden 78 ??? X
Jeet Kune Do ??? X
  • Other monsters have similar names


Raidens are based on the mythological Japanes tengu, who are said to be part bird and part man. Strangely enough, most of the Raiden sub-breeds have Greek names though. The word raiden is actually a Chinese/Japanese word for the phenomenon of thunder and lightning.


  • Judo Chop
  • Karate Punch, Fist Punch
  • Phoenix Fists
  • Phoenix Whirlwind Leg
  • Spin Knuckle
  • Thousand-Armed Avalokitesh
  • Head-Clasher, Head Crash- Addled
  • Heel Drop, Sharp Leg Kick
  • Jump Kick, Jumping Kick
  • Penetration
  • Plow Kick
  • Pilebanker, Pile Bunker
  • Spin Kick
  • Smash Fist, Super Smash, Super Fist Punch
  • Atomic Fist- Addled
  • Hell Arrow, Shadow Strike
  • Smash Hit, Chain Power Hit
  • Air Shots
  • Dive Attack
  • Diamond Magic- Block
  • Adamantine Beheading
  • Spin Attack- Raiden spins balls of energy around it and fires them at opponent
  • Bird Combo, Triple Strike
  • Eagle Rush, Bird Break- Stagger
  • Phoenix Combo- Palsy
  • Bird Spirit, Herculean Strength- Raises power for entire battle

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