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Techniques or techs are the attacks a monster can use in battle. The cost for using an attack is measured numerically, called Guts.


Techniques have 7 important attributes:

  • Attack Type (whether the damage dealt is affected by the user's POW or INT)
  • Guts (the amount of Guts it takes to use)
  • Attack Power or Damage (the level of damage dealt)
  • Guts Damage (the level of guts depleted from the opponent upon a successful strike; only applicable to some techniques)
  • Chance to Hit (the level of accuracy of an attack)
  • Critical Chance (the technique's chance of dealing critical damage; only applicable to some techniques)
  • Range (whether a move can be launched from close range, medium range, or long range)

These attributes often are structured to contain trade-offs; for instance, is it better to use a technique with low Guts cost and low damage, or one with high Guts cost and high damage? Or a technique with high damage but low accuracy or low damage but high accuracy? Is it better to use a technique that does decent Life damage but little to no Guts damage or a weak technique that does a great deal of Guts damage?

As the damage and chance to hit are also affected by a monster's stats, monsters specializing in certain stats can take advantage of moves with high values in specific attributes. For instance, a monster with high Power or Intelligence would be able to inflict a great deal of damage frequently with low base-damage/low Guts cost or low base-damage/high accuracy techniques, while a monster with high Accuracy would be able to hit fairly often with high damage/low base-accuracy attacks.

Learning TechniquesEdit

Techniques are often learned by going on Errantries/Drills; typically, the official in charge will inform you, when you select a location, what a monster's chances of learning a new technique are. Starting with Monster Rancher Advance, techniques were learned after sessions battling against a coach at the Monster Association. After a failure (such as a failure in training, a bad drill, or a lost match), a monster will rarely learn a new technique.

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