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MR1 Tiger
For the character, see Tiger (anime).

Tigers are wolf-like monsters with curved horns on their heads. The English name tiger is actually a mistranslation of the Japanese word raiga ("the thunder fang"), referencing the Rygar video game series. They were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 as one of the three basic species, being oriented towards speed. Besides an array of swift physical attacks, some of their special abilities include shooting electricity from their horns and breathing ice and wind. They are typically depicted living in arctic mountain areas, but they are also popularly kept as pets by many people.They grew very popular and have appeared in every Monster Rancher video game since then. Tigers of all sorts are prominently featured in the Monster Rancher anime series.

Tiger Sub-Breeds Edit

Tiger Tiger X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Dento Dino X
Frost Jell X
Jelly Hound Jell X
Leafy Plant X
Tropical Dog Plant X
Yakuto Worm X
Jagd Hound Worm X
Rover Hare X
Hare Hound Hare X X X X
Toto* Golem X
Rock Hound Golem X X X X
Velvet Monol X
Terror Dog Monol X X X X
Licorice Monol X
Mono-Eyed Suezo X X X
Daton Pixie X X X X
Cabalos Naga X X X X X
Ballon Gali X X
Dandelion Gali X X X
Datonare Zuum X X X X
White Hound Xenon X X X X X X
Snowball Xenon X
Anubis (Takrama) X
Remus (Morx) X X
Ryulon Mogi X X X
Garum Lesione X X X X X X
Rafal Lesione X
Helm Hound Madillo X
Flazer Abyss X X X X
Bargest Joker X X X X X X X
Nightfang Zan X X X X X X
Jaguarbeat Beaclon X X X X X
PodDog Henger X X X X X
Ribo Henger X
Baskerville Gitan X
Mewger Mew X
Silvie Durahan X
Octo-Step Octopee X
Flarester Dragon X
Spriger Mocchi X
Venders Ducken X X
Hazel Fur Momo X X
Volgue Arrowhead X X
Emrode Psiroller X X
Voltie Antlan X X
Sleipner Raiden X
Scarlet Suzurin X
Gray Wolf ??? X X X
Kamui ??? NP X
Ruby ??? X X
Dobor I.T. ??? X
Fenril ??? X
Clock Dog ??? X
Hell Hound ??? X
Snowcap ??? X
Cu Sith ??? X
Ifrit ??? X
Kirin* ??? X
Pooch ??? X X
Tiger-ish ??? X X

NOTE: Technically, no sub-Breeds can be created through combining in Monster Farm Online or Monster Farm Lagoon, but based on colors and attributes, educated guesses were presented on some of the sub-species for clarity

  • Other monsters have similar names


  • Thunder Dash- Dodge
  • Step, Tiger Step- Dodge
  • Back Roll- Dodge
  • Scratch
  • Thunder Crush, Tiger Spike
  • Thunder One-Two, Right Claw/Left Claw, One-Two
  • Thunder Assault, Spin Attack, Roll Assault
  • Lightning Stroke, Somersault
  • Moon Assault
  • Tiger Charge, Stab
  • Charge, Tackle- Suicide/Stagger
  • Combo, Tiger Combo
  • Ultra Super Thunderbolt, Bolt, Thunder Bash- Volt Shock
  • True Super Lightning, Torpedo, Deep Shock
  • Super Lightning, Lightning, Shock- Volt Shock
  • Lightning Hurricane
  • Blizzard- Palsy
  • Ice Bomb, Cold Bullet
  • Splash
  • Wind God Wolf Fang, Tiger Fang, Sonic Move
  • Bite pow
  • Howling Roar, Roar, Howl- Addled
  • Force, Tiger Force- Block
  • Thunder's Shadow, Jump- Dodge
  • Thunderbolt Wolf Strike


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