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MR1 Titan
For the character, see Titan (anime).

Titan is a breed of Golem with a Suezo sub-type, first appearing in Monster Rancher 1 and in almost every game since. It even plays a role as a non-playable level boss in Monster Farm Lagoon. Originally it was just made of orange and yellow rock, but eventually took on the shape of Suezo heads carved into its body. In Lagoon it has a smooth body with a giant mouth on its torso.


Monster Rancher 1: This mammoth monster loves to eat anything and everything.

Monster Rancher 2: It loves curry rice, but that is not why its body is yellow.

Monster Rancher 4: Everybody knows how much Titans love curry. Some even get side jobs at curry restaurants. And what do they spend their earnings on? Why, curry of course!

My Monster Rancher: This hot-blooded Golem faces up to any challenge. However, it often causes trouble and yells a great deal.


In Greek mythology, the Titans were immortal giants of incredible strength and were also the first pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. Titan is also the name of the largest moon orbiting Saturn, and it is bright yellow just like this monster.


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