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Zan zan
Zans are rumored to be an androids, but whatever the case, it was created by ancient scientists to be merciless in battle — they say it's even more intelligent than humans are. It attacks using the claws extending from its back, and also makes good use of its baffling speed. In every game that they are featured in, they must be unlocked and are usually very hard to obtain and train correctly. Zans appear in the Monster Rancher Advance games, Monster Rancher 3, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher EVO, and both installments of Monster Farm DS. They seem to have been replaced in Monster Rancher Online with the Globsto.

Zan Sub-Breeds Edit

Zan Zan X X X X X X X X
Retsu Arrowhead X X
Bui Suezo X X X
Gai Raiden X X X X
Tao Raiden X
Shin Zuum X X X
Rinka* Suzurin X
Rinn Suzurin X
Abata Color Pandora X X X
Fang Ripper X X
Ray* Lesione X X X X X X
Kagura Ducken X X X X X X
Ryoku Mocchi X X X X X X
Saga Naga X X X X X X
Homura Dragon X X X X X X X
Aya Pixie X X X X X
Shuri Pixie X X
Haze Maya X
Agi Pancho X X X
Shido Mogi X
Haku Durahan X
Zetsu Golem X
Shiguma Antlan X
Jaki Mew X
Zaki Psiroller X X
Ban Octopee X X
Naraku Joker X X
Karu Tiger X X
Jetmartin Garu X
Asura Monol X
Siva Gali X
Shibasa Falco X X
Winglord Falco X
Izuna ??? X X
Fake Graffiti ??? X X X X
Han ??? X
Ibuki ??? X
Setsuna ??? X
Hagakure ??? X
Lavendula ??? X
Oboro* ??? X
Killer General ??? X
General Death ??? X
Zan-ish ??? X X

*Other monsters have similar names


  • Leg Arc
  • Hyper Backdrop- Heal
  • Single Shot, Perfect Skill Death Attack
  • Shadow Step- Dodge
  • Somersault
  • Double Somer
  • Stab
  • Sonic Knife, Nail Slash
  • Tempest
  • Red Spider Lily
  • Shadow Restraints- Palsy
  • Shadow Bind- Volt Shock
  • Rising Rave
  • Shadow Copy- Confuse
  • Meteor Dive, Dive Attack- Addled
  • Reverse Raid
  • Art of Transformation- Block
  • Axes Ballet
  • Flying Illusion Shadow Fist
  • Mirage Shift- Switches Far range attacks with Near range
  • Stunner Blitz, Stunner- Volt Shock
  • Assault Dance, Tri-Assault
  • Defined Death
  • Fire Release
  • Far Sight- Dodge
  • Caution- Dodge

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