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For the characters, see Zuum troops.

Zuums are raptor monsters that are easily domesticated and are often used in place of horses in the Monster Rancher world. They are considered cousins to the popular Dino species, and love to play. Their attacks are similar to Dinos: using their tails, flames out of mouth, and quick combo moves using the legs, tail, or both. In some games, such as Monster Rancher 4, you can ride your Zuum on explorations in order to overcome certain obstacles in the way.

A pack of Zuums led by Captain Zuum attack Genki's team in the anime series, trying to keep them from crossing the ocean on Captain Horn's pirate ship.

Zuum Sub-Breeds Edit

Name Sub-Type MR1 MR2 MR3 MR4 EVO Adv Adv2 DS1 DS2 MRO MRL MMR
Zuum Zuum X X X X X
Tasman Kato X
Spot Saurian Hare X
Heptameron Hare X
Hound Saurian Tiger X X
Hachiro Baku X X
Crab Saurian Arrowhead X X X
Aloha Saurian Plant X X
Wood Saurian Mock X
Rock Saurian Golem X X
Jelly Saurian Jell X
Mustardy Suezo X X X
Black Saurian Monol X
Naga Saurian Naga X
Purple Zuum Naga X
Shell Saurian Worm X
Fairy Saurian Pixie X X
Sand Saurian Bajarl X
Noble Saurian Gali X
Roadivine Gali X
Basilisk Joker X X X
Salamander* Dragon X X X X
Palasaulo Lesione X X
Hotrod (Takrama) X
Pashminer (Brillia) X
Gramper (Kalaragi) X
Psirow Psiroller X X X
Cocadrille Gitan X X
Retriever Momo X
Poizuum Ducken X
Leon* Mew X
Pastellian Mocchi X
Night Zuum Zan X
Capsey Octopee X
Earth Zuum Mogi X X
Gaunt Durahan X X
Speedster Antlan X X
WiryKicker Raiden X
Mech Zuum Henger X
Milky Way* Suzurin X
Zebra Saurian ??? X
Wild Saurian ??? NP
Tatton-J ??? X
Fotorunner ??? X
Kirin* ??? X
Dino* ??? X
Chrono ??? X
Glarlie ??? X
Athlete* ??? X
Thamoana ??? X
Golizards ??? X
  • Other monsters have similar names


The name Zuum is a creative spelling of the word zoom, which denotes when something moves very fast.


  • Fireball- Palsy
  • Five Balls, Break Shoot
  • Fire Breath
  • Great Fire, Fire Bomb- Palsy
  • Hypnotism- Confuse
  • Tear Bite, Bite
  • Million Bites
  • Bite-Throw
  • Dust Cloud- Confuse
  • Claw
  • Million Claws
  • Claw Combo
  • Diving Claw, Spiral
  • Aerial Claw
  • Tackle- Stagger
  • Charge- Stagger
  • Fire Charge
  • Hero Kick, Jumping Fire
  • Jump Kick, Jumping Claw
  • Kick-Lift- Addled
  • Spin Tail, Roll Assault
  • Burning Roll
  • Tail Whip, Tail Lash- Stagger
  • Tail Slap, Tail
  • Tail Combo
  • Tail Lashes, Tail Attack


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